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Biding Time

Jun 06, 2013 - 0 comments

I was really prepared for a winter of discontent... I bought a new snuggy dressing gown, electric snuggy blanket and I thought if I was going to be feeling ill with the treatment, at least I'm going to try to be as comfy as possible.  I also made a decision to start a course of study, online. So if I was to take time off work at least I could do something constructive.  That was Plan A....   Then along came Plan B...  I choose not to take Panadol..  I take Fish Oil capsules, also an anti depressant.  I take Aloe Vera, also an immunity modulator and natural antibiotic.  So, why would I rush into Interferon, if my liver is already pretty healthy, and I have hardly had a sick day in the last six years....  I play footy with my son, I go to gym three or four times a week, I eat spinach leaves and corn for lunch, as well as tuna, avocado etc....  I munch out on an apple, I never buy lunch from the cafeteria and I never buy bags of salty chips.  I think I have trained my taste buds....  So, WHY would I rush into taking a medication that has serious side effects for a large number of people....  And the long term effects are unknown...  I've been chasing after my latest blood test results as I will be seeing the naturopath again when I do...  I've decided to take a few days off work next week so that I can a few things organized....I think I need to express more emotion...

I look forward to yoga every Friday afternoon after work. It's been a year and a half that I have been attending yoga classes, perfecting my downward facing dog, cat, cow etc etc...   The standing postures are great for inner core strength and I cannot understate how wonderful the consciousness of body is when postures are described relative to liver, kidneys and other vital organs...  A good yoga teacher will relate the postures to this and I thanked my teacher after class tonight.  Not only has the stress drained out of my shoulders from those back bends, I also find the twists wonderful gentle treatment for my liver.  

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