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Old Mac Cat  Song -

Jun 06, 2013 - 4 comments




Her goes something I had talked about a long time,I just finished it  2 months ago.
Gave up rhymming bowl - why not Dish :-) ??
Hope you enjoy!
Next time will be Irish folk songs, ok?

             OLD MAC CAT SONG

Old Mac Cat had a house, E I E I O,
And in his house he had a mouse, E I E I O.
With a squeak squeak here and a squeak squeak  there,
Here a squeak, there a squeak, ev'rywhere a squeak squeak

Old Mac Cat had a bell, E I E I O,
The bell was big and bright as well, E I E I O.
With a ring ring here and a ring ring   there,
Here a ring there a ring ev'rywhere a ring ring

Old MacCat had a dish, E I E I O,
Full of food, flavoured fish E I E I O.
Theres a munch munch here and a munch munch there,
Here a munch , there a munch ev'rywhere a munch munch

Old MacCat had a toy, E I E I O,
Catnip filled , what a joy!, E I E I O.
With a jump jump  here and a roll roll there,
Here a jump, there a roll ev'rywhere a jump and rolll

Old MacDonald had a bed, E I E I O,
Soft and cozy, color red, E I E I O.
With a snooze snooze here and a snooze snooze  there,
Here a snooze, there a snooze, ev'rywhere a snooze snooze

Old MacCat had a person, E I E I O,
A good ol' farmer  that call him grandson ,E I E I O.
With a scratch scratch here and a scratch scratch   there,
Here a scratch, there a scratch, ev'rywhere a scratch scratch

Old MacCat had  much love, E I E I O.
Thats all by now folks , I have  more "in the oven" :-)
And I will need some help on some as well...

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874521 tn?1424116797
by opus88, Jun 06, 2013
that is really cute have a real talent for writing stories or poems...and we can tell your heart is always with your girls in mind, loved it look forward to more!!!!!

740516 tn?1360942486
by AppleBr, Jun 07, 2013
Needing a word that rhymes with CAT and make sense completing a statement about Lolo
" the queen of the ....???" I have one  or 2 but more ideas are welcome.

Ps About the Irish cat songs, I originally though it was just crazyness of mine when created the first,as a joke.
Then I discovered a Real musician had produced a Whole CD with this kind of things,traditional irish folk songs  with new lyrics about cats... A link for that recording is somewhere in my page.
I want to buy it someday.
Feel glad in knowing I'm not the only crazy !!! :-)

242912 tn?1402543492
by Jade59, Jun 07, 2013
That was so great, Apple!  Brought a badly needed smile to my face. I will leave the rhyming to you, though.. :-)

996946 tn?1503249112
by LindaTX, Jun 08, 2013
Love it, Apple!  ((>^-^<))

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