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Jun 06, 2013 - 4 comments


So me and DH BDed but he could finish for some reason. I feel bad. We have been BDed every other day. I hope this doesn't mess us up.

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by retta483, Jun 07, 2013
that happens to my dh too when we do it too much !  try spacing it out every 2 days and then day before and day of o and you should be fine :) sorry it is disapointing . im disapointed too im spsost to o on sat and im bright red bleeding today :( ugh so tired of trying !!

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by aiyanas_momma, Jun 07, 2013
I am about there on giving up. I just hope after the Laparoscopy that I get pregnant this cycle if not I may give up. We just gave up last night and we are going to try it again tonight. He is taking testosterone booster he took two last night and suppose to take two today. I am suppose to O on the 10th instead of the 11th so we will BDed tonight and then the 9th, 10th and 11th should we be ok? I have been cramping for the last 3 days and I don't know why.  

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by claritasj, Jun 07, 2013
hi sweety,, I think those are great days to bd, do you think maybe hes just stressed ? I know that in my situation when I was just focused on getting pregnant I would tell him to dont mind me to just hurry up and finish, I would sress him up so much he just couldnt finish and gets off I used to get so mad cause I felt he didnt understand the purpose and how important it was to me... GL tonight :)

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by aiyanas_momma, Jun 07, 2013
@ claritasj I think that is what it is cause I told him not to worry about me just as long as he finishes. I haven't even told him when I O cause I don't want to stress him out anymore. I haven't even done any OPK's either. Thank you I need all the luck I can get...

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