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Beauty as i young,but acnes when I grow up,and recover with IPL devices treatment Good Luck!

Apr 01, 2008 - 4 comments

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I am Cathy,I have no acne when young,but more acnes when grow depressing everyday.But,I win myself with help of IPL machines from Beijing sincoheren Company,and i do it at home for simple and easy.My parents are cheerful and we take a nice journey to England,unforgetable.I am a lucky girl,and I can understand what you are suffering from chronic acnes. Wish you good health and lucky as me with good mood everyday. Cathy my mail cathyleewin yahoocom ,we can share our suffering and happiness. Good Luck!

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by cathycooley, Apr 03, 2008
hi cathy,how r u?thanku for ur add as friendship.u also have the same name as me,which is cool.what does this machine do for ur acne?could u tell me more about it and is it available here in derry uk?hope to chat more.takecare  and godbless.cathy.

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by Milfilicious78, Apr 03, 2008
OMG..Do u get it on ur butt, too? I HATEZZ that!!!
I could TOTALLY be in p0rn if I didn't have assne and sagging skin! Then maybe I could:

1. NOT get evicted (or move somewhere nicer, 4 dat matter)

2. Pay my phone bill.

3. Get a healthy abundance of food in this place and NOT run out.

4. Get my car fixed and/or buy a new one.

5. The possibilities are endless but then again..STD's!!! EEEWWWEEEE!!!

Btw, u r TOTALLY cute and hot!!

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by khaylim, Apr 13, 2008
hi khay from philippines..i somehow know treatments for acne and laser machines...hope we can trade beauty secrets..there r so many treatments for acne scars, acne marks, aging skin pigmentationand fat reduction tx..ipl,dermroller,radiofrequency, fraxel,actistem cell, dermabrasion, diamond peel, chem. peel,mesotherapy and liposuction...hope we can be friends...

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by Sincoherensophy, Nov 23, 2010
Dear, My name is Miss Sophy Gao China manufacturer supplier exporter of IPL+RF+Laser+LED PDT+Elight various beauty medical aesthetical equipment machines big or mini portable as you like with different colors and models.
We export worldwide for 10 years since 1999 with good reputation and best services.
we current manufacture and export IPL (intense pulsed light) series, RF (radio frequency) series, Laser skin care series, PDT LED skincare series, etc.
IPL HR for permanent hair removal reduction, IPL SR for spots speckles pigmentations removal, IPL SR skin rejuvenation whitening, IPL VR for vascular lesions removal; RF (radio frequency) vacuum system or thermacool cooling system for RF skin tightening rejuvenation whitening enhancement, RF wrinkle lines removal, RF body shape shaping slimming contouring rejuvenation, RF cellulite reduction removal tightening, Laser Tattos eyebrow removal Laser Ota's nevus freckles pigmentations removal, etc. PDT LED skin rejuvenation system, etc.

Different machines series for different treatment used in various beauty medical aesthetical industries in clinics, hospitals, medical spas, beauty salons centers, office, home usage, etc.
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