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some very suprising but good news

Apr 11, 2009 - 0 comments

well in jan  i had a m/c due to a blighted ovum and i hadnt gotten my period sence then well yesterday they had me come in and due some tests and wat not to figure out what was going on well i goit the news i was expecting agian  and it was a total surprise but a very wanted surprise well the had me come back in a hour to figure out a due date sence they didnt have a lmp to go off well she did the ultrasound and here is this sweet lil bug  with a very stronge heartbeat im so happy   but my nervs are getting the best of me  im so happy  they put my die date at nov 20 and im 8 weeks and 1 day as of yesterday  after loseing two pregnancys adn loseing 4 family members in the past 4 years  im really happy to finally get some good news

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