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Trust issues

Jun 09, 2013 - 5 comments

Timothy has added me as a friend and shared his thoughts about trust.... Revealed his innermost hesitation in terms of trusting information... In relation to this illness.  I feel as if I laid myself on the line, declaring that finding long winded responses from the brains trust on this website to questions which seemed to be just indicative of the ignorance out there isn't what I expected. I'm not being intolerant. I agree, it's better to inform...  And people need a forum to gain accurate information. Of course. I'm feeling like I have to hold back now.  Have I asked too many questions, have I responded to too many replies, has anyone still got any humor out there? maybe not. Maybe that's the problem.

'the liver is responsible for the regulation of Qi.....if weakened or toxic......they may have anger, expressed or unexpressed and may be controlling, arrogant and short-tempered.....resentful and irritable. essential oils to fight depression and strengthen energy are basil, bergamot, clary sage, geranium, lavender, lemon verbena and ylang ylang. At night, oils such as marjoram, lavender, neroli, orange, chamomile, sandalwood and rose can alleviate fearfulness and prepares the body for a good sleep....   Suboxone does that pretty well for me, thanks...

I will have to start a whole new chapter on the kidneys which are, according to the Chinese Meridians, associated with Winter... And it is my kidneys that I appear to have a deficit...  This apparently leads to fear and intense urination... Wanting to withdrawal, as in hibernation in winter. Bring on the winter solstice!  

Winter (in Melbourne) can be a cold and contractive time, but with the help of essential oils, we can bring light and balance back into the long dark season.

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by rivll, Jun 09, 2013
Your questions are good and I like what you have to say. I was a little put off by the thread about the quality of the questions because except for the OCD folks (who I have little patience for, unfortunately) everyone should feel okay about asking questions, whether they are good questions or not. We all just do the best we can and often it is not enough.

"'the liver is responsible for the regulation of Qi.....if weakened or toxic......they may have anger, expressed or unexpressed and may be controlling, arrogant and short-tempered.....resentful and irritable."
I believe this is very true and it may be why we get so snappy on the forum at times.

Anyway, my apologies to you if I have offended you. I would like to start new and welcome you to the forum.

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by timothy141, Jun 09, 2013
This is an awesome forum, and if ever I find myself getting caught up in my perceptions of what another has said. I have to try to remember how messed up I am and reconsider what it is that is eating at me. And usually, if I allow those thoughts to progress, there is something worthwhile in every statement.
I have also discovered that no-one means to be mean or that its not a game of one up man ship, but rather a desire to gain and support complete and accurate info., as we at the moment believe to be correct.

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by Dee1956, Jun 09, 2013
Hi this is the best place to be.  In my experience everyone here is very helpful, supportive and tolerant.  Many are treating while writing so sometimes perhaps someone is more sensitive than they would normally be.  We just have to take that into consideration.
I am sure no one means any harm.  Of course I have not read what you are talking about, I just wanted to say hello.  I have heard the same about QI and have to say that now that I am 15 months post tx I seem to be less sensitive, less likely to snap at someone.

I hope that means I am getting better.

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by FiFiLamour, Jun 09, 2013
Fantastic, thanks all, I appreciate your feedback... I hope those in treatment are doing well and those post treatment as well....  Finding my way..  Respectfully..

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by timothy141, Jun 09, 2013
I am sure it does. I know I have had moments where I felt as if no one was listening, get angry, disconnect from the forum and stumble around in the dark, kicking rocks etc.. And then clarity returns, for me I have learned a lot from reading and accepting the fact I am not a doctor and have only 7 months experience. Such a novice I am.
If it were not for the desire of those who have gone before me, to share their experiences with me I would have ran long ago.
I tend to believe there are substances out and about in the world, one of which my sister keeps pushing me towards, Black Root that could be beneficial in this battle. And yet at this point in time my course is laid out before me and I shall accept what comes with it. For me the biggest trust issue has been learning to trust those that have been put in my path, and not doubt so much as sit back and try and assimilate as much info as my mind will take in. Sometimes it is to much and have to step away from the discussions.
It's true I have read stuff that has caused me to want to toss my lap top, wouldn't that be smart, then I remember that too is just a sx.
It will get better, if I didn't believe this I would not be here.    

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