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Onward Journey

Jun 09, 2013 - 0 comments




Still waiting for the admission date for thyroid surgery. Unfortunately, I have had to make myself unavailable for surgery for 21days to allow my students to complete coursework for their university entrance. It's one of those circumstances where it is difficult to know what to do. I am anxious to have the surgery for my thyroid as soon as possible, but I also know that once these three weeks are finished, I am essentially free and can take the summer vacation to recover. Any further administration will have to be taken over by some-one else in my team. Thankfully, thyroid cancers are slow growing or, at least that is what we are led to believe, so hopefully these three weeks won't make any difference. It is really with that knowledge that I made my decision. At the consultation, there was no indication that a delay in surgery would be unwise otherwise I would have taken the advice given by the consultants. Some of my family think I made the wrong decision and should have put my self first and are happily giving their expert medical advice on my 'wrong decision'. Anyway, hopefully that all important admission letter will arrive soon, mainly for my peace of mind so I know what is happening rather than just guessing a possible date. According to all the literature there should be a 62 day time scale for first definitive treatment following the decision to treat, but there are adjustments to the calculations when patients make themselves unavailable. In theory, the last possible date is mid July. Meanwhile, I am getting myself fit, losing weight through running and trying to keep a positive frame of mind.

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