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Apr 01, 2008 - 3 comments

Today I had my u/s and b/d.  The u/s showed 5 new follies on the left and 4 new ones on the right.  I was shocked to hear no cysts and I am ready to go again right away for cycle #3.  The RE said the lining looked good as well.  Tomorrow (part 2) I will get the FSH and E2 #s.  She also said that I should go see a rheumatologist to check to see if I have lupus or blood clotting issues and if I do, I will most likely take a blood thinning drug to help with that (once I get a BFP).  Rhogam would be given to me in trimester #2 for the RH factor.  Yes, I am thinking forward; better than thinking backward.  I am feeling good this evening.  I hope the FSH levels are lower than last cycle!  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!!!

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by SDScientist, Apr 02, 2008
I sent you an e-mail before I checked here.  Sounds like everything is going good.  Glad there were no cysts.  Your RE should be able to order the test for the blood clotting issues.  It is the thromphelia panel.  Results take about 10 days to get back.

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by Helen72, Apr 02, 2008
Glad that everything looks good and you can move on to another try.  I hope your FSH looks good & low as well.  

I will be starting Lupron injections next week.  Perhaps we'll be cycling together!  

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by SDteacher, Apr 02, 2008
Got my results.  My FSH is 14.4 which is much better than 27.9!  This is decent news.  My E2 is under 60 which means the FSH level is accurate.  Now I wait for O.  I am also seeing a rheumotoligist (sp?) on the 22nd for a lupus panel.  Thanks to SDScientist for providing me with blood clotting info so I can get my panel done as well.  Now I feel like the process is moving along.  Thanks everyone!

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