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if our children were Easter eggs , hidden safely in the grass we could search for them and pick them up ,and hold them within our clasp ,
wed have a heavenly Easter hunt ,and with baskets in our hands ,searching with a broking heart only we can understand ,

oh! look i found your child over here ! hey! did anyone find mine ?they are so beautifully colored and they sparkle and they shine ,
these aren't your usual Easter eggs ,they each have there own special glow that comes from way down deep within
and only a grieving parent would know ,
we gather up our special eggs with excitement all around for the gift that we been given for the treasure we have found
we all now stare with wonderment at our children that have died ,
we want to hold them once again and release them from inside, but we all begin to realize we have to crack there beautiful shell the one that makes them sparkle and glow,the one they have earned so well ,

we know we cant destroy their beauty and take them from their place so we give them an understanding kiss
as a tear runs down our face ,
one by one we take our baskets with our beautifully colored eggs and place them gently in the grass ,as we turn and walk away we look back in amazement as our eggs begin to sing ,
we see them flutter and move about ,..look!! our eggs all now have wings !!,..then the golden egg begins to speak
your children are safe with me, you'll be with them when the time is right together for all eternity ,circle of love
as we look up to the sky watching our radiant eggs take flight knowing our children didn't die ,

this is for everyone that lost someone they love and miss so much ,,....

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by Cherie762, Apr 11, 2009
Bernie what a perfect poem for Easter its about love for our children who have passed and a good analogy offf the eggs representing their souls and the Golden egg is Christ who dies so that my little baby girl and your children can be in heaven with Jesus...what a lovely well written poem much love to you , my dear sweet friend , thanks you , all the holidays I know are difficult for you, and I do think of my baby that I lost, how would she have been. I even thought that with Robbie having a baby so young its Gods way of balancing things IDK,,,,sometimes I think too deep.

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by Beachwalker33, Apr 12, 2009
We stand in a cicle of love,that is so beautiful.I cried .My Mom told my son that she would be a mermaid angel swimming the seas,I had to add in heaven.Because of course he thought he could swim out in the ocean and find her.I wish that was true,I would have just swam and swam till I found her..You know I was reading about different signs that angels give us feathers was one,our loved ones in clouds is another.I look for her in the clouds and swear I've seen her,My aunt has and took pictures of them,my son finds feathere all over school.I want to see a moonbow,I always look but haven't seen one yet,But I'll keep looking! Never give up faith,we will we see our loved one's again,they see us,not fair.God Bless you and your son,remember he is with you! God doesn't take someone away without giving us something or someone to make up for it!! I believe my Grandma told me that! Love ya girl and even though I lost my Mom,I still get your pain!! But we need to move on but always remember them.Its hard to realize that its ok to be happy again!!! Jen,who will always be here to listen!!!

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by margypops, Apr 12, 2009
Wonderful words ,trully talented thank you delightful, on this day.

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by star641, Apr 12, 2009
thank you so much i thought it would get some of you talking about your loved ones and it did ,
doesn't it feel good to talk about your loved one up there in heaven with god ,....
cherie you will got your little girl in the form of a grandchild and you will love her just like you loved your daughter ,

jen your mam is a mermaid in the sky ,if she said she was going to be a mermaid believe her she knew before she
met god in heaven ,i believe in the angels dropping feathers down to us keep on looking for whatever you believe in ,

margypops thank you also i dont know if you lost someone close to your heart but if so they are all  with our loved
ones, keep on believing in them and you will see the sighs aldo we have lost someone close to our hearts and it hurts so much at times ,,we where giving a special gift ,..the gift to see ! what no other Person can see! that hasnt lost someone close to them ,
my love to you all ,......

449672 tn?1398394807
by jeh57, Apr 12, 2009
Bernie....I have told you many times you are an amazing woman..Your poems are always so lovely....You are truly a beautiful person......and i am honored to have you for my friend.......Many Easter Blessings To You And Your Family,Jen

681888 tn?1272922309
by star641, Apr 12, 2009
well! thank you jen the nicest part of when im writing is, it comes straight from my heart out to everyone ,
same here im honored to have you jen you have been my life saver if not for you jen i think i would be up there with my children
and i mean every word ,...i can see your dad watching you as he did at Easter when you where a small child ,
now as Ive said in my poem your dad and all of our loved ones are  with the golden egg now god ,nothing but the best for our family's ,..

449672 tn?1398394807
by jeh57, Apr 12, 2009
Your poems always touch my heart.....and yes,my Daddy loved Easter!!! Easter Sunday was when we would have our family reunion at his house......I have had out all my pix today.....i would laugh,then cry as i looked at each and every one of them....You are so right,they are with the Golden Egg......and one day we will be too.

681888 tn?1272922309
by star641, Apr 13, 2009
thanks jen i dont write Meany poems but when i do i like to think its at special times ,either for me or everyone here
on mh ,....i feel every word  from my heart , you see you are talking about your dad isn't that great
i write a poem !and your talking  and remembering your dad ,its good to remember our loved ones at these times
when we where so happy with them , were so good to your dad jen before he went to heaven he is always looking down
on you and dont forget that special gift we got from loosing someone close to us ,.......the gift of seeing ,and smell what others cant see or smell
like a shadow ,.a bird,..a feather ,...a light,...a smell of flowers when there is no flowers in sight ,......
these are our loved ones come to visit us ,,

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