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Seeing is believing

Jun 11, 2013 - 2 comments

I had the day off work today...   After a long weekend celebrating the Queens Birthday, I thought I could quite easily enjoy an extra day off so took a day on annual...   I don't want to take many days off, in case this incidious treatment causes me problems and I have to have time off. I've also accrued many days on sick leave not only because I have not had to take time off but also in view of the possibility of needing to take time off..  I'm also realizing that although I have aspirations to a better job, and much as it would be great, perhaps it's not the best time to consider a change of job.  These are some of the problems I face...  Add to that a slightly chequered past and criminal record. It remains legally admissible in Victoria,Australia to request a police check.  One's options are limited...  The study option is extremely appealing.  So I am contemplating postgraduate studies in Professional Communication, to add to my Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences, majoring in Psychology....

I don't possess a computer yet, which will be on my shopping list if indeed I do go on to study... So I headed for the library today, where I began to download a few of my family photos to this site.  I see that they haven't saved the right way up.  Why is it so?   I will try to save them again right way up....   Then, I went to see a movie, The Great Gatsby with a few good ole Aussie bleeders... Joel Edgerton, brilliant as Tom, Jack Thompson better actor than publican, Isla Fisher and of course Director, Bas Lurrhman.  It was good...  My love for the book started 36 years ago when I could recite pages of it....'They were careless people Tom and Daisy.  They smashed up things and people and then retreated back into their world of vast carelessness.....'.  Gatsby was too good for Daisy...   unless Daisy was just a symbol of crack or heroin of the time....hmmm. I never thought of that 36 years ago..... Still waiting for my blood results.  Weather turned wintry today...  Thought for today:-  Are the Side effects of treatment worse that hanging out on heroin? For the ex habitual users out there.  I can't forget my disdain for a lifestyle that left me sick daily, although, the habit was fairly consistently maintained..... By hook or by crook..   I did wonder that the bile produced could not have been good for me....  Sorry guys.

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by timothy141, Jun 23, 2013
Been away for awhile, but I would wish only to express on your Thought for today:-  "Are the Side effects of treatment worse that hanging out on heroin? For the ex habitual users out there.  I can't forget my disdain for a lifestyle that left me sick daily, although, the habit was fairly consistently maintained"
Somehow.....  I have been able to use that very fact, "the disdain for that lifestyle",  as a supply of strength. "By hook or by crook.." For me that's the answer, No matter what it takes as long as my body will continue to fight, so will I.  

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by lrup1952, Jun 24, 2013
Hi Timothy,

That attitude is going to keep you moving forward.  For those of us in your same camp I would much rather face the day waking up on tx then to wake up to face the day sick as a dog until I could figure out my scheme for the day.

Timothy I constantly wear on my forehead where I have come from what it did to my husband who relapsed and destroyed his already sick body to the point of his death.  What it did to my children and grandchildren who watched their father and grandfather waste away.  What it did to my son who soon followed in the footsteps of his parents spending 5 years in the prison system, etc., etc., etc.

Now while I may not be too pleasant all the time on these meds. and while I hate that there are days I feel completely abnormal and my mind is racing all over the place and my body has aches where I didn't realize I had places, I know at the end of each day I can close my eyes and thank God for my life and not feel one bit bad about what I did for the day.  I am so thankful Timothy for my life and this chance to rid my body of something that I created that I would gladly take another dose of sx (not too many :-) to get through this.  

I think about you and your family often and I wish you nothing but the best on this journey.  You have a great support system and that my friend puts you a head of a lot of folks who are going this alone.

One min., one hour, one day that is sometimes all we can focus on but never lose sight of that prize at the end of this very tough journey - SVR!

Best, Linda

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