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Jun 11, 2013 - 1 comments

I have been having issues now for about a year and a half and gone undiagnosed with anything other than a gait disorder and a neuroimmune disorder. They have done MRI's of brain, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar everything was clear with exception to a torn disc and degenerative disc disease. They have done sleep studies and only found mild sleep apnea. They did an EEG which was normal. They have not done a lp.

My symptoms include a gait (walking) disorder, extreme fatigue, cramping in my legs and twitching in my arms, full body muscle spasms that last 30-60mins(went on for about 2months then stopped, came back about 8weeks ago but only happened once and has not returned), random extreme itchiness on large portion of body, foot drop several times a week, lose train of thought frequently, and have difficulty focusing, and sometimes feel like someone is hugging me and makes it hard to get a full breath, especially in heat.

I also have - type 1 diabetes
- Hashimoto thyroiditis
- vitamin d deficiency
-methylation disorder
-low testosterone

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by Dagun, Jul 03, 2013
Hi Mikey, somehow I stumbled on your post (sorry if my English is wrong) and saw that you have diabetes. That got me thinking about Polyneuropathy, because at first when I was looking for answers, my neurologist told me that Polyneuropathy is a neuropathy that can happen when peoble have some kind of poisoning in their body. Alcholic´s and peoble with diabetes seems to get it, but I don´t drink nor have diabetes and he did a EMG test and then he saw that it did not fit in my case. So I´m just wondering if you have heard of this? I hope you get better or at least get diagnosed, so you know what you´re dealing with.

Best regards,

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