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Lucy 06-11-13 Update

Jun 11, 2013 - 1 comments







one year check up



Dear All,

Sorry for not providing updates.  There was nothing to say. We have been enjoying Lucy for a little over one year after her mammary removal.  She is still acting as a kitten.
At the vet 2 weeks ago, he saw some lumps on her tummy and a weird shadow on her liver.  He also had concern with her heart, which would be normal for her age. We kept our fingers crossed until we got the results of the ultra-sounds that Lucy did last week.  Good News. Everything is fine.  No cancer, no heart problem, no issue, not even the liver.  
Nobody knows what the lumps are but it is recommended by our vet and the specialist to have them removed.
There are 3 small ones and the incisions should be small and not deep.  Lucy will go to do this procedure on Thursday (in 2 days).  My concern is that she will need to be sedated, but it should be fine, even with her age (14 and a half).
We are so glad that we did the operation.  Lucy is doing outstanding.

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by opus88, Jun 11, 2013
OMG Laurent, I was just going to log off and saw a very familiar name pop soooo good to hear from you and with such marvelous news to tell us too....good for Lucy, wow just can't believe how well she's done that is FANTASTIC to say the least. I'm just jumping for joy right now, she is an exception and I know you know that.....................
I really must say tho I don't quite understand why the Vet and the oncologist would recommended removal if they are non cancerous....are they just saying that on the evidence of an U/S and no biopsy?
As long as her heart is good and of course they will be using Isoflurane gas the safest for her, but surgery at any time is a risk and more so when they are older as you know...
wishing her and you all the best of outcomes for prayers are with you both, keep us updated pleaseā™„

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