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Apr 12, 2009 - 0 comments






Patrick and I bought our tickets back to kansas for next month, from fairbanks Alaska. And for those of you who dont know how much flying that is, its 8 hours airplanes. I AM TERRIFIED of flying. I have done it alot but i freak out, dont know what to do on the plane, cry and just make a quiet little scene. So im really scared about that. Then on top of that at the end of may pat will be leaving me (again) to go commercial fishing out in the bering sea again. I dont know who knows, but last week his 19 year old brother got medvaced out of kodiak to anchorage because he was seriously injured and almost lost his arm. He still cant move it, cause its so torn up. Patrick will be back in september though, its just really hard not talking to him for 3 months straight really. Except for those hour phone calls out of dutch harbor or akutan every two weeks. : ( Summer is suppose to be fun and relaxing, a break from school for us both, but I spend it worrying about if hes okay out on the boat, and being terrified of having to fly back to alaska by myself :( .
Anxiety is up. : (

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