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Apr 12, 2009 - 3 comments

Today i have been going between getting this surgery done are delaying it.I just feel like me lying around will be an burden on my husband and fifteen year old daughter(whom i know will put her best foot forward to take care of mom,good kid)I know its just nerves .I just never have wanted to be a burden to my family .I know its just me over thinking things as i am prone to do.

Am i just being silly.I wonder if anyone else has felt like this other then me???


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by Cherie762, Apr 13, 2009
Your not being silly, just aprehensive,,,how many times have you been ther for you husband and kids, I know you a bit now and your a good kind person..I d bet all that I have that you been there every single time...its your turn Leah. You are the one that will need some help now,,My boys helped me, they did some house work and even some cleaning they would make me lunch etc,,,it makes kids feel good to help their mom when she needs it,....your not gona like have your dd scrubbing floors LOL,,,she will want to help you, let her,.

You wont be a burden you will be a loved member of a family recovering that will need some help,,,and it does really and truely get better each and every day,,everyone is different..some ladies have claimed zero pain which is hard for me to understand  but they may have a very high pain threshold,,,,,the most important thing is pain or not youmust rest. thats all quite a bit for first two weeks,,,for me the first three days was the worst,,,I only got one night in the hospital, In canada they get 5 ,,,much better,,if you can somehow arrange two  to three nights in hospital take it.....

((((hugs))) Cherie

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by margypops, Apr 13, 2009
Thats what us moms have always done put ourselves last, I learned that lesson the hard way, I also know about what you called 'overthinking" I have trained myself to let myself dwell on a concern or a worry for 5 mins,I time it, then I say to myself 'No More stop it" I distract myself ,get busy and refuse to think anymore, I realised it was always my thoughts that made me feel bad, I had panic attacks in stores till I refused to let it make me leave the store and I stayed in there distracting myself (grounding)   so next time you are brooding about somnething . let go after a few mins, then stay in the moment of what you are doing focus only on the moment, it sounds simple but its hard ,it does become a habit though.

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by Leah09, Apr 13, 2009
Thank you ladies I know its just me as my mother says i tend to be the caregiver and do my best to take care of everyone else.I will do my best to be a good patient and try not to over think things  as i tend to do.Magypops i will take your advice to heart.Thank you for the advice.

Hugs to Both of you.


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