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My Symptoms; How They Impact My Daily Life

Apr 12, 2009 - 0 comments

My Symptoms; How They Impact My Daily Life

• Fatigue:  Almost no energy even after full night’s sleep.  Find that I need to nap; fatigue to shakiness after folding laundry, small amount of vacuuming, etc.
• Vertigo:  Flares often, causing loss of balance, nausea, feeling of spinning or the earth moving beneath me.
• Light-headedness:  Daily problem; I often run into things, misjudge distance from things and knock things over, bend to pick something up and lose my balance or hit my head on something, much more.
• Impaired mental clarity:  Have difficulty thinking clearly, remembering what I need to do even with a list. Forget conversations, have difficulty understanding what people are saying when there is much background noise, for example, wrote down wrong time for PT appointment while scheduling it.
• Tremors: Adds to my dropping and knocking things over, difficulty preparing food, personal hygiene.

All of the above adversely affect my every-day life.  With the help of Provigil, I am able to drive, do some shopping, go to physical therapy and doctor’s appointments.  It improves my focus, energy, and stamina to a certain extent.

Without it, I have difficulty preparing food, doing simple chores, keeping organized; I choose not to drive on days when my symptoms are at their worst.   It is too expensive to afford and my insurance will not cover it.

Ritalin increases my tremors, causes multiple facial tics, increases my (benign) cardiac arrhythmias, causes irritability, and second dose doesn’t help at all.  Cardiologist said it is not a good medication for me.

During a flare of neurological symptoms, even Provigil is not very effective.  There are often more symptoms to deal with, as discussed in my Timeline.

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