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Need to vent!!!

Jun 14, 2013 - 2 comments

Am sick of my Family! Just my Mother, older sister and younger sister. Mostly my Mother! Never been close to her. Any Mother that pits her children against one another, shows straight up favoritism and gives more support to one child and not the others! *****!!! (There are 9 kids total) Am going through a cancer scare now and my Bother-in-Law was successfully treated for cancer. Now, my Sister-in-Law is having a tuff time with her cancer treatments. Not F*****G once has my Mother called any of us! Not once has she ask me anything about my health! But, yet my younger sister had a break-up with her abusive, cheating boyfriend of 30 yrs and everyone is suppose to feel sorry for her! Then the younger sister calls me and I try to tell her what I would do and she yells at me and talks over the top of me! Same exact thing with my older sister, abusive, cheating boyfriend, but, she's staying with him. She use to call me crying. Until I cut her off, by telling her I DON"T WANT TO HEAR IT ANYMORE! She stopped calling me and it's been about 10 yrs since she's called me! Then my MOTHER confessed she went back and told my older sister that I thought her boyfriend was a worthless piece of S**T loser and I didn't like him! I never denied it! LOL! But for my Mother to tell her what I said! WOW! I have decided for my own mental health and happiness, they need to stay out of my life. These aren't young women either my Mother is 83, My sister is 61 and my younger sister is 46. Just mad and sad! I just can't deal with their troubles and my own. And mine are more important! Still LOVE them but, can't live with them! Thanks for reading am starting to feel better now! :)

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by Barb135, Jun 15, 2013
Even family members, whom we love, can be toxic for us.  Unfortunately, we can't choose our family members, but when being around them prevents us from being well and/or from dealing with our own issues, we can choose not associate with them. It doesn't always have to be permanently.  Often, time heals the wounds and reconciliation is possible.  

Hopefully, the siblings you didn't mention are better for you to associate with.
Best of luck to you.

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by moonpiebaby, Jun 19, 2013
Yes, I do have siblings I get along with, because, they live in other States. LOL sad but, true. My Mother and youngest Sister live together and they live 2 HOUSES away from my older Sister. My Mother also at one time lived with my older Sister, until she kicked her OUT!! They live about 15 min from me. Crazy that my family has turned out so disconnected and angry towards one another. It's down right SAD!! But, that's how it goes, it's true: "You can't pick your friends but, not your relatives".

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