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Diaper rash?

Apr 13, 2009 - 1 comments

diaper rash







Good Morning all,
Well my son has this rash on his behind  he's 21 months I've been putting balmex on it to hope it goes away because that's always helped but it's still there and been there for two weeks now its not as red as it used to be but it's real bumpy and  somewhat dry skin any body know whats going on?

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by ninjaspice, Apr 13, 2009
Its going to sound weird but try about a table spoon of bicarb soda in some warm water and dunk his butt in it for a few minutes twice a day. You dont have to bathe his whole body in it , just get maybe a bucket and do it.I rang our parent helpline here in oz as my baby had it so bad it was weeping.....and this remedy fixed it within in 3 days.....something to do with the bicarb neutralizing the acid in the skin....good luck.

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