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MY Surgery and after

Jun 18, 2013 - 5 comments










Hello fellow brother, I can tell you was in the service from your name.  I was in for 16 1/2 years.  So yes it is natural to be scared, like the taught you if you are not scared something is wrong.  I had my surgery July 2012.  I was DX'd in May 2012 and then surgery.  I did not know I had Chiari at all it was found by accident.  I thought I was having a stroke one morning driving to work.  I called my wife and she said call the hospital and I did and drove myself there.  Turned out it was Bells Palsy, symptoms like a HA.  Doc did a CT scan and found mine, and made the appointment for me.  It turned out that I had a little more than just Chiara, I also had Basilar Invagination.  SO it was a double whammy.  I had every one of the symptoms except headaches.  To watch me wald was funny cause I would do it like the old wibble wobble's from side to side.  Eating out was fun, trying not to get choked out in public.  So yes I know what all of what you are going through.  After surgery a few things happen that I done not the surgery.  I freaked out and pulled out my trach tube not once but three times, I had to have a trach tube put in so I could breath.  I was kept sedated for two weeks.  Until I was healed enough to not do anything crazy.  My surgery was 9 hours long; they did three surgeries at once.  They did the decompression and then I had four steel rods put in my spine to keep everything from going any lower and help my BI from dropping.  When I did awake fully, I could move everything but had no control.  So basically I was a big blob with no control.  Yes, that means I couldn't walk either.  I started some therapy but it was slow.  My wife was told That it would be best it I was put in a nursing home cause I am not get any better.  Then one doctor asked me if I was willing to do whatever it took to walk again , I told him yes.  so I was put in Patricia Neal after spending 31/2 weeks in IUHealth.  Then 3 weeks there.  I spent the next 6 months learning to walk, eat, talk, and move again. Basically I was a 47 year old baby.  All this was cause my syrinx was so large it went from C2 - C7 and had the flow about the size of a sheet of paper.  I was in my home by the middle of Sept.  When I left PN I told them that I would walk by the first of the year.  I was still in a wheelchair and barely could stand up with the help of a walker. I had home therapy 4 days week until Oct. Then outpatient therapy two days a week.  I was still in a wheelchair.  But by my birthday 11/26 I was walking with a walker.  By the middle of Dec I was walking.  Today I am back at work and driving.  I have limited motion of my neck but that is something easy to deal with long as I can play with my grandbaby.

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620923 tn?1452919248
by selmaS, Jun 18, 2013
Thanks for sharing ur journey with Chiari in ur journal.<3

4816750 tn?1368808270
by frankie_rush, Jun 19, 2013
Your Welcome it took time to do it and the person needed to hear it.

620923 tn?1452919248
by selmaS, Jun 20, 2013
Many of us have a journal, and u can add to it as time goes to keep track of new benefits u notice etc.....and it is good to have it to look back on as well. : )

4515626 tn?1369858514
by derek1983, Jul 01, 2013
thanks for posting this makes me appreciate some of the things i do have going for me i commend you on getting your life back in order when the odds were against you

5826960 tn?1375420912
by alove4mersey, Jul 30, 2013
Thank you for posting this. I posted a timeline journal entry and have had a few people thank me already and i've only been on here for a week. I am very grateful for this community as I am just now starting my journey for answers and had never heard the word "Chiari" until 3 weeks ago.

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