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Needing Dog Advice!

Apr 14, 2009 - 2 comments

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Well, our 4 year old Siberian Husky is pregnant.  Before I go any further, I DO NOT want a bunch of hate responses saying that I'm killing shelter animals by not fixing my dogs, etc etc.  I am not killing dogs and I'm not a puppy mill.  If you spay/neuter every dog then you will make them extinct.  So no hate responses.

Anyway.  I've never been around puppies and such before.  Although my husbands family has MANY times.  Well, I have done a lot of research over the last few days but I have a question.  I have read that in early labor, the momma will empty her stomach by vomitting.  Well, our "momma" has been pacing a lot over the last 2 days.  She'll go from laying down panting and sleeping a lot to following you to every room.  She hasn't been eating a whole lot.  Some but not very much this last day or so.  She's drinking A LOT of water though.  She's housebroken but for some reason, keeping poo-ing in the house.  We cleaned out out storage room and set it up as her own mansion of a dog house ha ha.  We take her outside SEVERAL times.  Lately even more than once an hour.  She pees every time we take her out, but won't poo.   Then she comes inside and will poo there in the storage room.  She's gone probably 4 or 5 times already today and it's only 2pm.  

So my question is, is this a sign of labor?  She hasn't vomitted at all.  Yet at least.  Someone is with her almost at all times.  And she's been super cuddly today/last night.  She wants to be basically right on top of you with you rubbing her belly at all times.  I work days and my husband works evenings, so there is a 3 hour gap where she's alone in that room.  It's the first day we've had her in there and I'm worried I'll come home to a room full of poo ha ha.  Any positive advice would be great!  Thank you!

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by dnikki0928, Apr 14, 2009
Our dog never vomited before labor. She just kept pacing and panting and whining like you wouldn't believe!!! Try putting a bed on the floor for YOURSELF to sleep by her. Our dog got very nervous when she went into labor and did not want us to leave her side. Her 2nd litter, she went into labor in the middle of the night and she made sure to wake me up (DH was at drill).  Since it's her first real day at your new house, I'm sure she is very nervous and the nerves is whats causing her to poo all over :-( She has to drink a lot of water for milk production, just like us humans have to stay very hydrated when breastfeeding. Hope this helps a bit!!

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by mrspace24, Apr 14, 2009
Nikki  you're awesome.  We didn't want to move her so close to the pups being born, but the in laws didn't have an indoor place to put her.  It'll be easier this way anyway.  We might try putting a bed by her and sleeping there to see if that helps her.  She just wants to be near us all the time.  She's really calm, but it's like she's antsy.  Restless.  But so tired.  She's usually a very active dog. Running around the yard.  Always wanting to wrestle.  Now she just wants to lay there and pant.  But if you move at all she wants to follow you EVERYWHERE you go.  It's funny.  She's alone right now, which I hate.  But we can't help it right now.  DH works at 2pm til 11pm.  I work from 8am to 5pm. So I'll be home before too long.  

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