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Jun 22, 2013 - 4 comments

I just deleted everything I wrote.  it was only a couple paragraphs but still it feel wack.

I am not doing great.  my space bar is sticking.  I think its something I am doing with my hands and the keyboard rr ha ha ha ha!  omg you got so irritated by that comment ... sorry.  I still think its funny though.  god Meegy I donut even spend time remembering any of that ok I think ur worthless too don't you get it dummy?  yes  I do rr.  I really really do

there are men who want me they are either 190 years old or fifteen.

I am in starbucks, there is always one marfaw jawin on about bidness or something theres a group of 3 190 year old marfaws and I am just like ... keep it down man nobody wants to be welcomed to your real estate nightmare

I been bad/I been good/dallas texas /Hollywood /   I aint askin for much woo hoo

omg does anyone NOT feel like a complete idiot singing along with that song  jeeeeez talk about 70s.  80s?

billy freakin gibbons oh man

ooh gah

since I slep so poor all week I think and grow rich lass nite with a full on like forty hours of sleep!  yay.  I woke up at 940;.  I was like 'well.  how did I get here/'

hung over from sleep

I had the ideation of the H boys with my forehead dropped down on the steering wheel in the parking lot of Kaiser Sose.  after I pick up my imitrex after the Lovely visit to my house and the ac last nite.  Should I drive there?  should I not?  would I see Jesse Laughter?  would I have to drive into industrial valley warehouse hell to do a dilly?  jeezus Meegy what you thinking k and 505 would murder you!  

oh yeah

the ac and S and rr would have a big party ding **** the witch is dead

ok Meegy time to come back to reality sugardoll



come on

come on

duck duck goose!


we are not trying to rival Sybil here honey now lets come on and get on with ur day

Lesson Plans in Starbux:  sort of very

I am not having a organizing principle

I have Nora to call Anytime

I have to thinkabout what atb said

I have to get to a meeting

im fat today

I just can tell

that's cuz all the guys hate me


ok im ok

I gotta get to work

I just have this darkness in myhead

darkness makes me fumble
for a key
to a door
that's wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open

later days medhelp

good mawning everyone how are yoooos



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3197167 tn?1348972206
by clean_in_ks, Jun 22, 2013
Well good mornin sleepyhead!  ZZ, Billy, Dusty??? the drummer, forgot his name....but I could hear the music as you sang the words.  I have their 3 pack greatest hits CD's.....have seen em live more times than I can tell ya.  La Grange is my fav!  They were sad to see last time live....they are losing their vocal strength now and don't sing on was an eye opening experience to see them.....getting old(er) is just sad sometimes.  Sunglasses....Goin to o man.  Somebody asked me once if I was going on a trip and could only take 5 CDs with me, what would I take?  That was a HARD question.....but, yep, you're right...the ZZ greatist hits would be one of them for sure.  I can "pretend" can't I???? LOL

When I hear all these negative messages you are constantly feeding your brain.....I wanna SHOUT.....your worth can NOT be found in any of these men that are still using, not working a program, and don't have a clue what recovery and the word HEALTHY relationships are about.  We simply cannot give away something we don't have!!!  And they don't gots it, baybee.  I understand the "pull"....cause that's where the reinforcement has come from in the past....but hurtin people.....hurt people.  Sick people give away sick, distorted messages.  Don't Listen....find a new well to drink from.

Hope you DO call Nora.....and your gratitude list earlier was delightful to read.  Of course you miss your home.....but if you were still in the "thick" of things over might be dead.  I, so badly, want you to surround yourself with people that aren't USING and can lift you up.....not put you down.  They are out there......go get em babe!!  It's hard...but the rewards will be GREAT.

Love you Meegy~

1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Jun 22, 2013
I love u Connie ty

1235186 tn?1339127464
by atthebeach, Jun 22, 2013
see connie and I are truly on the same page. they are losers I just told you that earlier and they shouldn't determine your self worth. you are worth more them.
meeg don't let them define you. I like connie her and I think a like. oh yea, great minds think alike.
I knew there was something I liked about her, connie you are the bomb honey.
together I think we can get meegy to think good things about herself. did you hear she is happy at her new apt?
that is her home, she is glad when she gets there.
those are positive things, when you were looking for an apt months ago you couldn't have imagined you would be happy there. well there you go, you are making progress meeg in the right direction.
we knew you had it in you, positive people, positive thoughts and the sky is the limit.
we got your back hun.......

1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Jun 22, 2013
I love you both, you know that.  both of you make me cry, but in a good way Debbie I just cried when I read that about 'did you hear she is happy ... she is glad when she gets there.'

I will talk to you later Debbie I got to get ready to go.

ty Debbie and ty both when I am out and going about my day I am always thinking about the things you say and all of your genuine and amazing good will towards me.  I appreciate you more than you know


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