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Jun 22, 2013 - 1 comments

idk where to begin no friends and he's not really into this I can tell I'm depressed and I'm losing my mind I just wanna get through this pregnancy so I can live my life... I hate feeling like this I cry everyday he doesn't answer majority of my calls he rarely texts back sometimes I feel like I ruin my life but then I think about my son and none of this matters I live my baby and I can't wait to meet him he is my life I love him and I'm gonna be a great Mommy

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by Sococake, Jun 24, 2013
Dear Alone
Somehow I just stumbled on to your post while looking for medical advice for my daughter.  I am sure I am much older than you but just wanted to tell you you are not alone and as for the man in or out of your life it does not matter.  You can do this...with or without him or anyone else.  Ask God to help you and he will, dont waste energy worrying about what you cannot control.  My prayers are with you and the precious life you are creating.  I will lose this page ( because I dont know how I found it) but if you need to know someone cares you can e mail me anytime at ***@****  I am a mom and grandma and no one should feel alone

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