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Apr 15, 2009 - 2 comments

my body is starting the payback i knew would someday come. oral surgery the other week, female surgery this friday. what goes around can come around and kick you right in the shins. shins reminded me of widdershins which reminded me it's almost may day/beltane. i need to have good music for the pole dance(not that kind). got to update my ribbon selection. supposed to use a freshly cut tree, but too many trees are being cut so gonna adapt a few current changes. as long as the heart is in the right place, i don't think She will mind. hoping for good weather also. men without hats safety dance was fun, but once was enough. need something more than 3 minutes long too. i will just jot stuff down as i think of it and maybe come up with a great mix
  wrote a letter to joe today. he is back out using hard. i sure will miss him. hope he survives this round.

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by 10356, Apr 15, 2009
I also hope joe survives this round :( I'm sorry.. it is hard when we watch someone we care about self destruct.. Never been to a may pole party.. But looks fun :) and I like the not cutting a tree to dance around it.. How about a live one :) It would probably enjoy it also.. that is the tree lol  Have a good day sawy.. and really wish you well Fri.. lesa

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by sway1, Apr 15, 2009
thanks about joe. it *****. he knows exactly what he is doing. exactly. my girlfriend has a pole in her yard and ahs never done the celebration either so she wants to host. her name is jo. little irony there. we all call her doe doe anyway i will wrap a ribbon for you. choose a color. sway

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