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Morning.... Day 2...

Apr 03, 2008 - 0 comments



day 2




no energy

last night was the worst night EVER!!!  my legs seriously cramped all night long... I ended up sleeping on the floor just so I could have room to kick and spin and cry....  I'm thinking now I should have tapered myself off but oh well... I think going from 15 a day to none a day was a pretty serious move... And the anxiety, oh my gosh....  I'm getting so sad about everything.... And I'm feeling things for people I have no connection to... Like I cried this morning that Bone Thugs n Harmony used to be so amazing and then broke up... I cried because Heath Ledger is dead and will never see his daughter again... WEIRD STUFF!!  so anyways... the leg cramps are gone this morning but in exchange I was given NO energy at all...  I seriously had to drag myself to get dressed this morning... but I'm proud of myself for not giving in last night... I just have to keep it up....

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