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Do the trackers on Medhelp no longer work?  I can't seem to use mine.
Also I see on the side it has "Ask a Doctor Now".....Do you still just get 2 questions per year for free?

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by Emily_MHManager, Jun 25, 2013
Hi there -

I answered your question about trackers in the Suggestions forum. Some of our doctor forums are always free, some always have a fee. You can ask 2 questions in a 6 month period. If you'd like more info about a particular doctor forum, feel free to send me a private message, and I'll be happy to help.


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by Me967, Jun 25, 2013
Emily, Thank you for the reply.
I replied on the forum.  I can't put any information in.  I click on the day and it does nothing.
I am using AOL.  If that is what you meant?
As for the Doctors, I noticed on my profile page that it says there is x amount of doctors online now 24/7 to answer questions.


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by Me967, Jun 26, 2013
Emily hi.
I did reply to your message; but, thought I would leave a note here too.  Thank you for all of your help.  I did find out the trackers do work with Google Chrome.  I can't say I care for them as much as the old ones; nevertheless, it helps.
Thank you again for your time.  (HUGS)

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