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Fitness First

Jun 27, 2013 - 0 comments

I am on an adrenaline high since riding 23 kilometers or 14.29 miles in the spin class at gym on Tuesday night!!!  Just got my blood test results excluding viral load, thanks Doc!  Will make an appointment to see Naturopath...  So I will start to report how that goes...  I have to say I am still feeling very well, and I think the St Mary's Thistle has made a big difference to my feelings of wellbeing...   The results don't reveal anything significant. I'm pissed the Doc didn't include viral load and I find it hard to understand why he wouldn't have!

If anything, I should practice controlling my feelings of frustration....  The world is not perfect!  Nor am I...  

I have submitted my application for the Grad Dip in Prof Communication, so I am looking forward to starting back at study part-time..  It was part of my treatment plan, if I was going to be home...  I don't want to think about treatment at the moment.  I'm feeling strong and independent. Thinking about starting golf.....and other things.. Staying positive!

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