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My daughter pray...

Apr 03, 2008 - 3 comments

well i'm pretty good today, ofter a battle with fms.

i went out yesterday with my 9 year old baby, she had an awesome time. she wanted to get some vanilla custard after we went to our store. she really knows how to make me smile, and laugh. i often tell her that she's the family comedian, and gives hugs at the right time.

while she said blessings over dinner last night, she poured her heart out...
" and God, thank you for letting momma get outside and get some fresh air. i know that she was in pain, and tried to not let me see her crying BY TURNING HER HEAD, LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW WITH THE TISSUE UP TO HER FACE WHEN SHE WAS DRIVING".
we all laughed, she then continued,
" God please let momma know that i watch over her, just like she watches over me when i'm sick. God can you keep helping her to get stronger and better so she can be normal so she can play with me. take that fibromyalgia completely away from her.
in Jesus Name...

i cried with a smile on my face.
my point is,
this girl, my child is learning how to be honest, and bold.
most of all she's learning how to go to God!
this time she's left me with something to think about, simple take it to God and believe that he will solve the problem.

i love you caycay, God please keep her honest, pure and please not let her stray away. help me to continue to teach her in your way, let her life touch everyone that comes her way.

in Jesus Name i pray...
your daughter,

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468832 tn?1324348961
by lmaher87, Apr 03, 2008
oh that's so sweet... isn't it great to know that people that your close to even if they don't know what pain your going through always have a way of making things better? i bet your daughter is going be blossom into a wonderful caring girl.....

350945 tn?1274423121
by MoesQueen, Apr 04, 2008

that is my pray...
that she continues to have that childlike quality, yet very strong at all stages of life...
she truly is sent from God.

much love, soft hug ((((()))))

480345 tn?1214857143
by Liz1966, Apr 18, 2008
Having faith like a child.  Something all of us adults need to learn to have a little bit more of.  I truly believe that although the Lord hears all of our prayers the prayers of a child swell up beyond heavens gates and the Lord tunes into those simple words of faith and hope and love.  Because when they pray they pray with total faith that what they ask will come true.  We have to believe in that and believe that prayer can make things happen and when two or three agree miracles can happen.  I bind with you and your daughter in prayer that you will feel better soon.  Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find.....

Soft Hugs for you....Big Strong Hugs for your daughter.


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