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Home Birth Story

Jun 27, 2013 - 2 comments

HOME Birth story: I had contractions that woke me up all night the night before, but I didn't think too much of them because I contract a lot anyway, but in the morning I did notice that they were stronger then other contractions I had been having and they were coming every 10 minutes or so. DH stayed home and we timed the contractions for a little while and talked. They were not super regular, but I never seem to have regular contractions when in labor!! They were painful and strong enough that I felt that today would most likely be the day, if not then the next day for sure! I hung around the house, DH took care of the kids while I labored and tried to distract myself.
Contractions felt different this time. more of a burning feeling, never had that before! They got stronger and closer together and I finally got to where I was not happy. I told DH I might want to go to the hospital, we were planning a home birth. I got in the tub, that helped a lot. DH called midwife and she came over I got out of the tub, reluctantly, and she checked me, I was 6 cm dilated. She encouraged me to stay up and let the contractions do their job. It wasn't easy, It hurt so much, I could not believe how the burned! It felt like a "belt" of fire around my back and belly . I labored and got threw most of transition before the midwife checked me again, I was fully dilated with a cervical lip left, I pushed a bit but pushing just didn't feel "right" so the midwife checked me again, I was really only at 9cm, so she had me stand at the edge of the bed, swaying my hips to help that last cm go away, it worked really well, after 2 contractions like that, I pushed and felt her head coming, the midwife helped me back in bed, DH went to the other side of the bed, he was going to catch baby, but baby came so fast midwife caught her, I could her her little cry before she was out all the way! The midwife handed her to me, I could NOT believe all the vernix on her (that whitish cheesy stuff) none of my other babies had much if any on them! She was coated! And she had a TON of hair!!!! SO adorable!!!!
I was so glad to finally be done with labor!!! I felt like I tore, but I didn't!!! YAY! Just some skid marks, but not bad at all. A little after I delivered, I felt the urge to push out the placenta, I pushed and could not believe how hard it was! Usually they come out so easy, I joked that it was another baby!!!! WOW. It was a big placenta! I am glad I grew a good placenta to keep baby healthy while I was pregnant!
Evelyn Faye was born at 6:42pm On Thursday June 13 2013 after a long hard labor, but she was born happy healthy and beautiful at home.
I loved after she was born, DH went and got the kids to show them their new sister, it was great having them all come in and she her. I was cleaned up and fed a yum hot meal DH had put in the crock pot earlier, and warm chocolate chip cookies DD made while I was laboring away! It was great!!!!
So glad to have my sweet little girl here now, happy and healthy. Glad to be DONE being pregnant!

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1351078 tn?1416316746
by retta483, Jun 27, 2013
that sounds like a awesome birth !! congrats :)

1287276 tn?1357858019
by trustGodHeWilldoit, Jun 28, 2013
Awwww what great birth congrats :) so happy for you I'm glad everything went awesome ^_^

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