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Apr 03, 2008 - 3 comments

Well, I have officially missed my period for the month of March.  I still had all the symptoms such as sore breasts, spotting, and cramps.  I usually get my cramps unbearably all in one day, but this time it was spread out over the couse of a few days.  I did get a migrane and was nauseated, but I get migranes at least twice a month anyway and their allways accompanied by nausea.  So nothing really different has happened except for no period.  Everyone I talk to is convinced that i'm pregnant or seriously stressed, but I can't think of when I may have been stressed enough to cause a missed cycle.  I've been told that you "just know" when your pregnant and I dont feel any different.  I don't know what to do or think.  I'm not too fond of preg tests because you have to time them perfectly and I have a hard time with that, and if not timed perfectly, their not accurate.  I guess I just have to wait and see if I miss another period or get a bump, lol.  

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by addysmom, Apr 03, 2008
hi!!!  Just wanted to let you know that I most certainly had absolutely NO idea I was fact I was scheduled to have surgery and during pre-surgical blood work...OH WOW...I am 8 weeks pregnant!  If you have already missed your period for March then I would recommend waiting another week or so...and taking an EPT.  

I have been pregnant 4 times with only one successful pregnancy....all 4 times I had absolutely no clue I was pregnant.  So sometimes...its just too soon to tell!

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by MystikDymund, Apr 05, 2008
thanx for the comfort.  i thought something was wrong, but its good to know that I just need to be a little patient...thank you again!!!

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by louisiana_504, Feb 02, 2012
hey i'm new to this. i'm just concerned. i have missed my period in december and january and its february 2nd now. i wanna say i'm 8 weeks but i took 3 pregnancy test but they all came out negative but i don't understand because i'm gettin most of all the symptoms and for the past few weeks i would have slight cramp going on and my abdominal area feels sore sometimes. can someone just please help Me. can i be pregnant and just getting false negatives

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