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Sisters are doing it for themselves

Jun 28, 2013 - 0 comments

I have two sisters, Pam and Caz. Pam is a mother of three and was the only one in the family to have settled down and had a family...  She was not exposed to sex and drugs and rock and roll....  At the age of 27 she met and married her perfect match.  Pam is dutiful, and funny, all her kids are dutiful. When I needed someone to supervise access, my solicitor called Pam, and I know it was with hesitation, (as she protects her lot) but she said yes...  That was three years ago..  Caz is a psychotherapist, has just returned from her third trip to Fiji in six months as she was having a romance with a village boy half her age..  Caz lives about 5 kilometers from me, Pam lives about thirty kilometers away.  Caz texted me tonight to tell me an old boyfriend of mine had died...  She had counseled him when she was working in Mental Health. Poor Rohan was schizophrenic and a drug addict. I had never used heroin with Rohan. We had smoked marijuana together and spent time at his family's horse stud farm. His family had been very prolific; his  father the President of the Victorian Racing Club, his uncle the President of the Lawn Tennis Association of Victoria.  We hung out together for a while but he wasn't my type and when I fell pregnant, I couldn't contemplate having his child.  He probably also had Hep C but at that time I didn't. I had never used heroin.  I hadn't seen him in over twenty years.  So that was the first thing she texted me.  I asked how her trip to Fiji went and she proceeded to tell me that the boy had proposed to her but he wants children....etc etc.  She is going flying with a friend in his little twin engine plane on Sunday and asked if I am seeing Jamie on the weekend. End of conversation... I messaged Pam regarding access on Sunday..  She called me back.  We talked for a while and then I couldn't believe it. Pam, the very conservative, very quiet and reserved person she is...  asked me..."How's your treatment going?'   I am really shocked....  I had to tell my journal as I will read back on this with greater appreciation... one day.  I told her No.  I decided not to, I had put it off... I felt a bit defensive, like maybe I should have started it... But I explained that I am glad of my decision.  I am feeling too well at the moment to put myself through the side effects...  To make myself so utterly miserable and unwell..  She understood. I also explained that I have found out so much more about it.. This was momentous...  Family... I have support!    

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