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Another Trip

Nov 11, 2007 - 1 comments




I am from a somewhat deranged family that doesn't really pay much attention to their childs well being. Honestly, I just recently started getting check ups from doctors when I started High School. My mom wasn't really a mom. All I know is it is really shocking to an individual that hasn't had a history of being seen by a doctors to all of a sudden find that their are things going on with me that I can't understand because a child who sees a doctor regularly for years, the doctor has a good idea of the problem, But when you weren't raised properly people tend to look at you wierdly. I'm taking care of me now and since I was 16 but its so scarey when doctors are trying to find out things they can't find because of my short medical history. Well thats me and I am different from my mom and very concerned about what goes on with my body.

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by TeeJay915, Nov 12, 2007
I'm sorry that your mom didn't take the time to take care of you and your childhood needs.  I did see the doctor when I was young because I was pretty sick.  Lots of stomach problems and allergic reactions to things.  I didn't see a dentist til I was 16 though.  I had a set of alcoholic parents.  Does your mom have any excuse or is she just kindof absent.  What is wrong or have the doctors said anything is wrong with you.  Make sure you do the ob/gyn stuff.  Are you a little mad at your mom?  I didn't see anything about dad there.  I'm going to bed now but if you write me I'll answer.  Teejay915

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