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April 3, 2007 -

Apr 03, 2008 - 0 comments

Praise be to God,
               who has not rejected my prayer or withheld His love from me!
                                                                                              ~ Psalm 66:20

The past month has been so much better!  Better attitude, better feelings.  Pain can still be intense at times, but just the overall feeling has been better.  It's hard to explain to someone who has not experienced this particular type of condition ... when you say that you are in pain but you feel better!  But, I know that you understand what I mean!  The depression, brain fog, confusion, fatigue, and so many other ailments are better; and with those better, you can deal, and most time accept, the remaining pain!  

Springtime is always better for me once the weather changes.  Then the summer is fair if I stay out of the heat!  AND I LOVE the outdoors ... AND CAMPING, boating, hiking!  Oh well . . . that's okay.  I love my indoor hobbies as well!

Hope all of you are doing better too!

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