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Labor Symptoms

Apr 17, 2009 - 0 comments

April 15 - I peed the bed last night.  Lost most or all of mucus plug this morning.  Bled fairly consistently most of the day and was sent to the hospital for monitoring, but sent home about three hours later.

April 16 - Still losing pieces of plug.  Very little bleeding.

April 17 - Still losing pieces of plug.  Very little bleeding.

April 18 - Same as last two days.

April 19 - Mucus still being expelled.  No blood today.  I think the baby may have dropped though.

April 20 - More of the same.  I peed the bed again last night.  

April 21 - Still getting mucus with only small traces of blood.  I'm now quite sure that the baby has dropped.  She seems even lower than two days ago and I'm noticing more pelvic pain and bladder pressure.  I have a general "heavy" feeling in my underbelly.  I am also noticing looser, more frequent bowel movements, although I wouldn't classify them as diarreah just yet.  

April 22 - Thought last night was it.  Woke up at midnight with cramping and back pains and it was after four before I dozed off again, but by this morning, the rumbles were gone, but I am passing a lot more mucus today.  Still almost no blood, though.  So, maybe a little more dilation occurred?

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