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2013 update.

Jul 04, 2013 - 1 comments

Well I went to the doctors today.  After complaining about pain for ~13 years now, I was told that I do have FM; but,the insurance may not cover it without a Rumatologist signature for either Lyrica or Cymbalta in which are very expensive.  I know because my hubby takes lyrica for his MD pains with CMT and it is 297.00/month.  Sorry for the miss spellings.  Sigh.  If I had to pay that on top of my other 14 meds it would our total to over way over $1000.00/ month.  Sigh

Anyhow, she is running a ton of bld work.  Ordered a MRI of my spine, Mammogram, Ultra sound of thyroid (due to it feeling enlarged/ possible goiter), and Bone density study.  

For my notes; while I was in there I got a Boostrix/adacel, and my third Hepatitis B booster.

After I get all of this stuff done I will then report back in a month in which she wants a yearly gyno exam in which I haven't had for years.  
I really wanted a referral to a pain specialist; but she thinks a rumatologist would be best.  I just want some relief!!!!!!!!!  I can't shampoo the carpets w/o being in massive pain for a week or so after.  Not to mention moping the floors.  It's destroying me.  Urgggg Grrrrrrr. I already have a fatty liver and my only relief is alcohol from the pains.  Sigh.
Hopefully they can find a answer this time.  Fingers and toes crossed.  :-)

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by Me967, Jul 25, 2013
July 5, 2013
Well I have some of the results back.  I didn't list all of the bld work; but here is a few:

Homocysteine  15.1 MC/MOL/L    (Range  0.0 - 15.0)

T3 Free             3.7 pg/ml            (Range  2.0 - 4.4
T3 Total            109.00 ng/dl        (Range 85.00 - 220.00)
T4 Total              7.53pg/dL          (Range 5.10 - 14.10)

Tons of Bld work this time.  The only ones that were slightly off was:
MPV          4.8 CU MICRONS     low    (Range 7.2 - 10.6)
HGB A1c    6.1%                       high     (Range 4.5 - 5.7)  average daily glucose is 127 mg/dL
CPK           141 U/L                    high      (Range 26 - 140)
Sedimentation Rate  22 MM/hour  high     (Range 0 - 20)

A lot of the other numbers are borderline low or high by 1-2 numbers; but, I only listed the ones they had comments on as far a on here....

Summerized reports:

MRI of my back showed a small broad-based disc bulge, fluid in facet joints and arthritis (that is just mild degenerative changes )

Thyroid U/S New cystic foci in both lobes (5 total) and one nodule.  Most are 3x2x3mm with the largest of 4mm.  No biggy.  One thing that surprised me though is that your thyroid can shrink.  The dminsion are smaller than prior study by 1cm

Will edit this as new reports come in.

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