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Four Days to D-Day

Apr 17, 2009 - 0 comments






First entry.... I am four days away from my first treatment for CIDP. I was diagnosed in late March, with symptoms (hindsight is a wonderful thing) going back several months. My running (ultra marathon participant) has steadily eroded since October 2008 when I did a 50K race. Performed miserably, but completed the race. Muscle twitching started in late December. Stopped running completely in January and now walk with a very, very noticeable gait. I use a cane for anything that is "long distance" - greater then 100 yds... or is away from such wonderful stabilizers as cube walls, furniture, etc.

I have twitching and fatigue all over... with the right upper leg and upper arm being the most impacted. Back and shoulder muscles are periodically sore.

Was given a three day work up at the Methodist Hospital's (Houston, TX) at their Neurological Institute. Good people down there. On Tuesday, April 21st I start with my steroid and IVIG treatment. Four days in a row... then once every month or so and evaluations in 3 months.

Anxious to get something started.

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