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not feeling too good.

Jul 07, 2013 - 1 comments

I was up sick all night and did not go to sleep until this morning about 9am  I slept all day.  I took my morning pills tonight. I will find out if it helps.  but I doubt it since I slept all day.  does anyone have anything for constipation that does not make you sick.  I was blocked.  used glycerin suppositories and nothing was working I just hurt bad.  that is not a good subject.  sorry about that. I need to talk about better things.  my niece Dolores had her quince Saturday they sent me pictures.  she was beautiful.  I guess I will go for now.  love you girls.  charlene

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by jemma116, Jul 16, 2013
You could try Senna, or Ducolax  or other forms of medications that you can purchase from the pharmacist to soften the stools.

Naturally, you should eat plenty of roughage foods, like sweet corn, cabbage, oranges, orange juice with bits in, prunes, prune juice.  You can also eat porridge oats and bran breakfast cereals.  Pulses like barley and lentils in soups or however you like to eat them.  Cabbage soup made with lots of tomatoes (1 tin whizzed up - or fresh tomatoes with skins removed).

With high dry foods, you do need to drink plenty of fluids and water.

Got back from my holiday on Saturday.  Hope you are keeping better now.

It will take a few weeks on your medications for you to get a good pattern of sleep.  Take them earlier in the evening and not right before going to bed, that way you won't be sleeping so long in the mornings.  If you are anaemic though, that will make you very tired and sleepy.

Take care.  Best wishes.

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