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Week 49 -The Final Lap

Apr 18, 2009 - 9 comments

Finally I'm here, the last shot is done and just a few more days of Riba to go...  Relief on one hand, confusion, and some irritation on the other.  Irritation that I'm not done yet, so close but not quite.  And the desire to be better immediately.  

Everything was so focused on that weekly shot, as soon as one was done I'd be thinking about the next one.  It's very cool not to have that in the back of my mind but it's also frustrating cos I know the meds still have to slowly leave my body.  I suspect my expectations of my recovery are not quite in line with the reality.  I want to get busy and do all those things that I have only been able to think about in the last 48 weeks but my body is not there yet.  Life has been on hold for so long now and I want it back!  Patience has never been my strong suit and but that's what this whole past year has been about...

On a physical level I'm ok.  Still tired, still have the cough, still move like a snail.  I realize I won't start to see any real changes until maybe this time next week or maybe the week after...

My last shot was a bit of a balls up, actually.  I had a dud syringe and the plunger got jammed and I think a fair bit of peg leaked out.  I know some went in cos I'm having sx but not quite as full on as usual.  It was almost like my body was rejecting the shot, didn't want it any more, and I had to really force myself to push on through.  I'm also struggling to take the riba.  The last week (as with the last year) is an exercise in willpower for sure.

As for scheduled tests from now on, I have a CBC and optional VL at week 4 post.  Then I have a compulsory VL at 12 weeks post and again at 24 weeks.  Standard procedure really.  The only question for me is whether I take that optional VL at 4 weeks post.  I may just ask for LFTs instead...  We'll see....

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by Trinity4, Apr 18, 2009
So glad for you Epi.  The life we knew does come back, perhaps not as quickly or maybe not exactly, but it's far better life off of these drugs.  Wishing you a speedy and easy transition back.

Be well,

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by CMcH, Apr 18, 2009
My last shot last night was one of the worst as far as figuring out what side was up and bleeding. I know what you are going through with the confusion and irritation. My husband said after my last shot that it has been hard on him and I know it has been hard on the family to watch me morph into a Zombie that can't go out in the light.
So my husband asked me this morning how I felt and threw in it should probably take 3 days to a week for me to feel better and then I can shower him with attention. I mentioned that I was still on the Riba and I would still like some help with the kids.
Another person asked me if I wanted to run a 10K in June and I am not sure.
When I did my labs yesterday they did not do a VL??? just a CBC, liver function panel and Thyroid check.
I see my NP on Monday I will find out.
I am so proud of you! This is not an easy journey! Please keep me updated on your progress.
I wish you lots of love, strength, good health and SVR!!!!

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by portann, Apr 18, 2009
I am listening, gals. Somehow my intuition had already told me I'd have trouble with my last shot this Monday. Here's the living proof! I will try to not s-crew up but it may just be in the stars. :)

No question about everyone's expectations. I feebly try to explain that I won't be bouncing back in twenty-four hours but noone in that other world accepts this AT ALL. My husband is quite insistent that these delayed recoveries are for other people but not for me.

HE'S DEAD WRONG but I think it's his own frustration with the tx. It was long and hard on him and it's not surprising he's run out of patience with his half-dead wife.

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by R Glass, Apr 18, 2009
The “Transition” back to the living can be a confusing journey. We are still here for you both, R. Glass

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by epiphiny, Apr 18, 2009
Thank you all for your wonderful encouragement.  I have definitely reassessed my expectations of re-entry to the non-tx world.  I am also a bit nervous of others expectations of me during this period as many of my friends and colleagues have only just grasped what I've been doing the last 48 weeks and are of the impression that once I'm off the meds I should return to my normal high-spirited self...  We've just got to keep on keeping on until we are really done with journey, we can all get there together.

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by jankar, Apr 18, 2009
Yes - I was being asked to do this that and the other immediately - it took everyone so long to see how sick I felt but not long at all to assume I was better immediately.  Day 11 post treatment getting better bit slow and although I feel like I could be doing something still no motivation to do much but keep on resting the body. Happy not to be taking those drugs!!!!!

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by IMstacie, Apr 19, 2009
Wow, even though I can't wait to get there, I can see how the last shot would bring on anxiety waitng for the RIBA to end, the the final labs.  Sometimes, I dream of what I'm going to do when I get off this stuff.  Congrats to you!!!! - stacie

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by comeagain, Apr 19, 2009
Hi epi been a while since talking to you so glad your almost done.

Prepare your self that it can take a while to get in shape, take it easy if you can !!
I my self started to overdo things as soon I felt the riba effect was better, with the result  I´ve got bodypains I  didn´t even had during tx.

And you gonna be so hungry eat and enjoy lol!!

Best to you and I´m rooting for you big time .


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by Kristina538, Apr 21, 2009
Congrats my friend :-).   I agree with CA - take it easy; you're still an outpatient.   I thought I wasn't getting better at all(!) then kept reading this site and realised what sx's had disappeared.  It will slowly all happen and it's all so easy to forget.   I have had joint pain but hoping that I'm getting on top of it with the vitamins and exercises I'm doing (slowly and gently but warming up to start going for it soon :-).    Love to you and looking forward to hearing your wonderful progress xxx

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