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Skin Conditions

Apr 18, 2009 - 1 comments



Skin conditions

Hello my name is Shania , and i am writing because of the skin condition that i have . I have a very awful black patch of skin on my neck, arm pit , and thighs. Im afraid because people keep on teasing me about it and if someone could find a cure that would really get my hopes up. i know there are people out there with the same conditions that i have but please dont tease them they are normal just like u but different.

p.s please write back                              

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by lknaranjo, May 04, 2010
Hello Shania,

Have you been to a dermatologist, or had your condition diagnosed? It sounds similar to what I have (epidermal nevus all over my body), but it's hard to tell from what you described. If it is epidermal nevus, you can try medical dermabrasion (not the kind you can get during a lunch hour at the spa), or you can try laser therapy.

Good luck, and don't give up hope!

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