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cry baby :)  

Jul 10, 2013 - 0 comments

As an adult man i used to find crying uncomfortable . But over the years with depression even though i know it is just a "symptom "  it is  much more than that .  Depression made me comfortable with my feelings good and bad . And i especially when alone have no problems in crying if i feel like it  ..

And more importantly though in my earlier relationship long ago me and my girlfriend had happy times ,romantic times etc when i used to cry in her lap it was not awkward but it increased the bonding . I dont know how "normal " people bond but though depression is not all about tears this crying on spouses shoulder helped me bond more with her.  

And my recent relationship when i had a BPD girlfriend when for very silly reasons she used to get hysterical and cry out loud like a small baby ( BPD hysterical crying is heartbreaking to hear ) though she later asked how i took it i told her that i dont reinforce it at all but it was not scary for me .  Because i knew crying is acceptable totally acceptable .

But lack of empathy for my chronic depression was a deal breaker for me and thats why i left the relationship ..

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