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not too good

Jul 11, 2013 - 3 comments

all done

I am sure you all are tired of me complaining.  but I have been doing things that have me upset.  I had to go rewrite my will.  I had to change insurance companys.  we have to go see another attorney.  I have to go buy my tombstone marker.  I am trying to tie up all loose ends.  then if we feel like it we are headed for the coast to try to relax.  it has taken a toll on me.  I don't feel like eating.  but getting plenty of sleep.  I am sick but I will survive.  these are hard to do.  seems so final.  I have to do things while I still can.  I have been thinking about all of you but have not felt like writing.  I hope all if you are doing good.  I wish there was a cure for depression but I don't think there is.  just meds to help you survive.  sorry for complaining.  try not to do it again.  love you people.  charlene

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by swabes, Jul 11, 2013
Hi charlene, I'm sorry you've had to go through all this and of course it is going to take its toll.
When faced with our own mortality we all become quite overwhelmed. But perhaps arranging a will and the rest will help you stop worrying about the loved ones you leave behind.

It certainly is a morbid subject and difficult to approach. My grandfather recently arranged his own funeral arrangements and he is in perfectly good health. I asked him why so soon and he replied that they were doing a reduced package type thing. Even over things like that he can't resist a bargain!

Depression is a daily battle, some days you may have a victory and others you may lose. Just know we are all here for you, thinking of you and wishing only the best.

Journals are great for venting emotions and worries. Please, use it as often as you feel the need. I hope you are well and that you get some relief from what you've been feeling lately.


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by hopefulforfuture, Jul 11, 2013
Pls see my Note to you  .. Also we are all complainers ourselves so we do not  get tired of complaining  ...
Thats the depression talking :)  

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by mandy876, Jul 11, 2013
swabes  thank you.  i know i still have time left.  I know when all is done I will feel better.  It just makes it so final.  the cemetery marker is going to be the hardest.  I want to make sure it is done the way I want it.  and I want to add together forever.  I will be joining my family and my hubby.  I need to see it to know it is next to him.  thank you.                                hopefulforfuture   thank you sometimes I think people are tired of my moaning and groaning. I get tired of it myself.  about the time I get over something it starts all over on something else.  thanj you charlene

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