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Week 6 blood work

Jul 11, 2013 - 4 comments

blood work






viral load

Well, I'm half way through triple tx.  At week 4, my viral load using Heptimax was <5 IU/ml which I take it to mean was undetectable (comments welcome).  Today, got my week 6 blood work.  I noticed a very slight increase in my liver enzymes.  AST went from the previous 35 to 37 (slightly above normal range) and ALT went from 28 to 30, still within normal range.  I queried my doc as to whether this could be an early sign of a breakthrough and he said it's only a "slight bump" and that "only viral load measurement is definite" -- not really clarifying, but I figured some random variation is normal or the increase is from the drugs themselves.  Won't get a viral load check until week 8 on the 24th.  Will probably be on pins and needles between now and then ... Great fatigue which rest does not seem to ameliorate.  I'll be glad when this is done!

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by can-do-man, Jul 11, 2013
Having a test that shows <5 IU/ml is for sure a UND, don't give your slight increase in liver enzymes another thought. Breakthroughs are very uncommon, having and UND at week 4 is fantastic...........Best to you.

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by MarkFly1, Jul 11, 2013
Ok can-do-man.  Thanks for that.  I was und at 2 weeks and with the more sensitive PCR, und at 4 weeks as well.  I particularly appreciate your telling me not to worry about the liver enzymes!  Really, thanks!!

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by Diana66, Jul 11, 2013
Simple answer - no :)
I woldn't count on the blood test results to have an accurate comparison between one week and another. I would look for a trend during a period of time
With the blood counts, I had 2 scripts from 2 doctors basically doubling up the test. Blood was taken at the same time from the same arm just put in 2 ampoules, Results showed at times even 10 units difference on platelets - Same blood

So I guess you need to consider the machine tollerances

I have been told by many that breakthrough is not really happening within those 12 weeks

I had my ALT going up to 42 during Incivek and now they are stable at 28 and I am still under dual tx
Initially I had a drop to 12 :)

Hmm I am not sure about the VL results, on my paper was saying Undetectable, check out on my photos section, I have a copy of that

I am not sure if there is a difference between Detactable but not measurable and Undetactable
I take it in your case you did not have any comment

How many weeks are you going to do?

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by MarkFly1, Jul 11, 2013
My 2 week viral load at a lower limit of quantification of 43, but result then was <43 NOT DETECTED which means that even though it couldn't be quantified below 43, it could have still been detected, but mine was not even detected.  With the Heptimax, the lower limit of  is 5 IU/ml, and my result was reported as < 5 IU/ml which means it wasn't detected at even this lower limit.  The first PCR used a different technique which differentiates between quantification and detection, the Heptimax and detect and quantify all the way down to 5 IU.  In any event, I'm waiting for my next viral load draw on the 24th and arranged for delivery of the third and final box of triple therapy (12 weeks for triple, then another possible 12 of dual).  I'll be so glad when this phase is over!

How are you doing Diana?  Thanks for that info on your enzymes, etc.  Much appreciated!

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