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Lost time

Apr 19, 2009 - 11 comments

lost time

















Hello everyone.  I have missed everyone so much. I was not away of how much everyone meant to me.  I have a rather long story to tell but if anyone was wondweing about me this should answers alot of questions.

To avoid alot of repeation and getting too tired I think I will just kist things as I remembered them,  Keep in mind there are several things even the doctor are not sure of,  I also tend to get emotional i I talk about some things in too much detail.  hings just seemed too  overwhelming to acknowlegde.  Here goes and please say prayers for my physical and mental well being.  1.  I found out I am HIV positive.  (Had a needle stick at work) I had already did the Hep C tx which was not effective.2.  I had some type of mental/physical colaspe about 5 weeks ago.  I was hallucination about bugs crawling all over me.  I do not drink or do drugs so knew it was not withdrawal..  3.  I was admitted to the hospital, where I underwent every test possible.  I had encephalitis, the shingles on my left lower leg, and on my brain.
4.  I eventually came out of the worse part but continue ot be weak and tired. I was in Hospital x 3 weeks, the was placed in rehab to help with some weakness and redisual loss of lower left leg usage.  I am currently usin a 4 wheeled walker which isn'y to bad.  However when I can'' t  move it voluntarily I get really scared ot won't improve.5.  I continue to have some thought process alterations which cause me to be slow and sometimes confused.6.  My labs from my hiv test indicate I am only 2 points from being considered aids not just HIV positive  So..natually you can imagine how that news affected me. 7.  I foundout after I came home that my hubby and daughter inlaw were planning my furneral as th doctors had told them I could go either way.
8.  I remember nothing and am trying to piece together what people tell me.  The worse part is my feeling of time lost that I can never get back,  It is like something is missing.

I know God is with me and will not give me more then I can handle.  Again, pleas keep me in your prayers.  Hope to hear soo.  Julia

I try to be positive and know that God will not give me more then I can handle.

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189069 tn?1323405738
by babypooh, Apr 19, 2009
Oh, goodness, I am truly sorry for everything you are going through. You're absolutely right about God being with you. He always will be. I hope things work out better than expected. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you.

203342 tn?1328740807
by April2, Apr 19, 2009
Oh Julia, I'm so sorry. I will be praying for you. Please keep in touch with all of us. No matter what, God is with you.

(((Big Hugs)))

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by Teak, Apr 20, 2009
Your issues don't have anything to do with HIV. I've had HIV/AIDS for 25 years and I don't have any problems with walking and you won't go from HIV to AIDS in two years.

186166 tn?1385262982
by LIZZIE LOU, Apr 20, 2009
i agree with the doctors who say you did not get hiv from a needle stick (as per your post).  if your cd4 is that contracted hiv "before" 2007.

611067 tn?1458595083
by HelpinUtah, Apr 20, 2009
Her issues most likley have to do with the encephatlitis.  And, shingles is awfully painful.  

Sweetie:  I'm so sorry that you've had to go through all that.  It's horrible when someone is attacked healthwise from all corners like you have been.  You are in my prayers and thoughts!  Please stay strong!  God is with you!


Avatar universal
by Teak, Apr 20, 2009
I've had shigles and I do know how painful they are.

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by stubby226, Apr 20, 2009
Teak and to any one else my letter may have been misleading.  I did not say I had aids. I said "I was told I am only 2 points from being considered aids."  I did not say I had aids just was close to classification.  My percent is between 15 and 13  My specilist said I was just borderline.  She also explained that aids is not automatically a death sentence as it used to be.  I was primarily concerned abut if anyone had heard of a HIV test turn positive without the antibodies present and how long has a person gone before testing positive.  I included th situation with the HIV testing as just another part of a terrible month I have gone thru.  The most horriblepart of this lastmonth has been loosing all that time and findingout that the doctors had told my family It was unknown if I would make it.  Yeah the HIV dx ***** but so do alot of other things.  I am trying to be positive, reach out to others that may be able to understand and provide support during my down times.  Again I apologize if I mislead ayone.  I did nokt say I had AIDs yet just close.  God Bless all you believers and God pile on extra blessings to those who don't..

547913 tn?1317359267
by jimi1822, Apr 20, 2009

       Please know You have My heart felt prayers and Blessings tonight I'm going to search for a beautiful personal  
       Prayer to put up for You.

                                                                           Your Brother in GOD, Love and Light....

                                                                                                                         jimi (little wing )

Avatar universal
by boldsojah4christ, Apr 20, 2009
God is with you Sis! The blood of Christ is the teut cleanser! Keep ur faith & trust n him & no matter what the situation is he can deliver you from it! NEVER listen 2 negative responses! The devil is a LIAR! Only God himself knows ur situation & condition no one else! So like I say 2 HELL WITH IT!!! Sickness & everything else that Satan tries 2 put on Gods children! I love you stay encouraged ((((BOLD))))

452063 tn?1324078516
by corey411, Apr 20, 2009
Stubby, Hopefully you are still getting some physical therapy. Encephalitis can be very debilitating. You have to look at your progress on a weekly basis instead of on a daily basis. You will have a bad day here and there but should be doing a little more each week. That's how we look at progress in rehab. I will keep you in my good thoughts and prayers. God bless, Corey

Avatar universal
by outotown, Apr 20, 2009
You will def. be in out heart and prayers im sorry to hear about all the troubles you are undergoing and May God Bless You and Yours and Gods Grace always give you peace!!!

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