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Sudden Migraine & Widespread Shooting Pain Attack

Jul 13, 2013 - 1 comments

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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

So yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. We're a bit strapped for cash so celebrating it (we want to go back to Grand Marais and stay at the cabin we honeymooned at, it was so beautiful — we were looking for townhomes or condos for sale/rental either in Duluth, Two Harbors (where we were married) or Grand Marais and they actually have one of the cabins for sale, the one below where we stayed on our honeymoon for sale, but way way out of our price range for $288k, ahh, maybe one day ;) ) right on the shoreline of Lake Superior, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, wonderful people that live or rent there, beautiful interior, it's basically heaven.

We celebrated by going out to eat and curling up on the couch together and watching favorite shows and movies together. It was nice. I got a really pretty/cute dress for the night, felt like a million bucks. When we got home, I changed into my strapless maxi dress (being 4'11" strapless maxi dresses are the only way I can work them so I can kind of gather the waistline up and all of that, hah) to lounge in.

Around 11pm, I just got broadsided with a sudden intense migraine, I don't recall ever in my life having one so bad. The pain was so intense I couldn't form a coherent thought or communicate what was going on to Rick aside from a few words and hand gestures. My hips, neck, elbows (inner), just under my collarbones were lit up in so much pain, too. I had to lie in bed, and Rick came and gave me massages where I was hurting and then let me snuggle up by him and I fell asleep. I took 800mg ibuprofen, 8mg clonazepam, 30mg temazepam, and oxcarbazepine plus 100mg extra (doctor ok'ed) topiramate. I slept solid until 7pm today, woke up much better but I'm feeling a migraine hitting again.

I'm waiting to get into a pain mgmt. clinic. I was dx'ed w/ Fibro in 1999 (at 13) and despite a re-diagnosis when diagnostic criteria changed, I don't get treated like a patient with chronic pain, I get treated like a drug seeker because I'm 27, I shouldn't have problems like this. Memo to medical community: IT DOES HAPPEN IN YOUNG PEOPLE AND IT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AS THOUGH YOUNG CHRONIC PAIN SUFFERERS ARE JUST LIKE THE TYPICAL, OLDER CHRONIC PAIN SUFFERERS. WE ARE NOT PILL SEEKERS, WE NEED HELP, RELIEF. STOP PIGEONHOLING US. I am about to start filing complaints with medical boards and ethics committees for each doctor that blows me off and then I'll escalate to malpractice suits. I'm tired of it. I'm coming out blazing, I've been treated like garbage for years by doctors and now I've put my boxing gloves on. Time to fight back. I've begged for trigger point injections and been denied.

I'm also suspecting I may have SLS, though I don't want to assume or self-diagnose. I need to get into a rheumatologist and get tests run.

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by specialmom, Jul 14, 2013
I am so sorry to hear about the migraines!  I've suffered these as well and at their worst, they were debilitating as you describe.  Really awful and hard to describe the pain.  I went to a headache clinic at a big university and found triggers.  For me, it was often food related.  Any type of artificial flavoring can cause a migraine in me.  Fat free substitute things (like when it says 'fat free') is a trigger, diet pop, etc.  Anything like that.  I had a particularly bad episode after eating 3 (yes, I kind of over did it but it was when I was dieting and this felt like a good bad for you treat and I binged) fat free blueberry cereal bars.  Red wine and really, any alcohol can trigger it with me as well  Then I was in a car accident that hurt my neck.  This brought the headaches back.  Honestly, not as severe.  But if my neck muscle right behind my ear tightened, I was in for a rough time.  I found stretching, exercise, and getting good rest helped.

I'm just sharing this for really no reason.  Sorry.  I just thought I'd mention to keep a headache journal and write down exactly what you ate, did or were feeling the day of and day before the migraine.  You may start to notice a subtle pattern.  

Anyway, I hope that the one you feel 'brewing' blows over.  I'd take your ibuprofen beforehand to head it off.  peace and much luck to you.  Pain free days!

Oh, and Happy Anniversary.  Sounds like you have a super sweet and kind hearted husband.  

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