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Ten Commandments of Self-Esteem

Apr 20, 2009 - 5 comments

I'm reading a book entitled the "Ten Commandments of Self-Esteem," by Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D.   We sometimes need to be reminded to take care of ourselves too.  Our father in heaven loves us and wants us to have joy.  

I am not associated with this author, but I would recommend purchasing the book.  It's small and won't take long to get through it.  
1.  "Thou Shalt Not Consort With People Who Make Thee Feel Bad About Thyself"
2.  "Thou Shalt Cease Trying To Make Sense Out Of Crazy Behavior."
3.  "Thou Shalt Not Keep Company With Those More Dysfunctional Than Thyself"  
4.  "Trust Thy Body All The Days Of Thy Life (Thy Mind Doth Fornicate With Thee).
5.  "Thou Hast Permission At All Times To Say "NO," To Change Thy Mind, And To Express Thy True Feelings."
6.  "What Is Not Right For Thee Is Not Right For Thy Brethren."
7.  "Thou Shalt Not Give Beyond Thine Own Capacity."
8.  "What Thy Brethren Think Of Thee Matterest Naught."
9.  "Wherever Thou Art, Therein Also Is The Party."
10. "Thou Shalt Sing Thine Own Praises All The Days of Thy Life."

Some of these might seem self serving, but sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves first.  We cannot help others unless we are whole and healthy ourselves!  

Hugs & Love,

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by refusingbondage, Apr 20, 2009
I love this!!!!! I think I need to chant it over and over again cause I do the opposite of everything lol..

In my head there is a thin line between self-esteem and self-love and selfishness and self importance.  I have to stop thinking that way but its a work in progress.  

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by SophieShine, Apr 20, 2009
Oooh Janet I'm gonna print this out, frame it and put it on my night table!

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by April2, Apr 20, 2009
These are good! I need to remember that about not hanging out with people who will drag me down or make me feel bad. That was one of my New Year's resolutions, to surround myself with more positive people, among other things.

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by outotown, Apr 20, 2009
VERY GOOD AND WISE WORDS Sounds like something I should have thinkd of LOL

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by HelpinUtah, Apr 20, 2009

That was the first lesson I had to learn and it was not easy, but I had to end a relationship that became unhealthy for me.  I still love that person with all my heart, but I'm so much better off now.  We should never be brought down by anyone, especially from ourselves.  I just got back from a therapy session and we talked about this exact thing.  It's so healthy for us to break free from negativity.  Not to say, we don't all have those occasions when it can sneak in - because it does.  But, if we can avoid it most of the time we are so much better off!  

Outotown:  Why didn't you?  LOL!!!

Refusingbondage:  I always did the opposite too.  My therapist told me today that he is proud of my progress but warns me that I'm still doing it and that I have to learn how to say "no."  LOL!!!

Sophie:  Sweetie, you are positive and I love that about you.  Even during your most difficult situations, you are there with an encouraging word.  You're the kind of friend we all need.  


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