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the real ER show!!

Apr 05, 2008 - 3 comments



Code blue





Date & Time: Wed.22-Nov 11:45 p.m
Place: the ER of K.F.H.U "King Fahad Hospital of the University"
Case: RTA---> " Road Traffic Accident"

Hospital operator: "code 99 ER...code 99 ER"

* "code 99" or they call it "code blue" stands for no signs of life in the person" no breathing & no pulse"

everyone hurries to see what's going on there!!
Nurses get the equipment ready in the ER
I.V fluids,blankets, monitors...etc.
I came in after i finished my duty in the Delivery Room

I asked one of the Nurses: " What's going on?"
she replied:" RTA, 11-year-old boy was bumped by a car, and the driver didn't notice until he crashed his head under the car's wheel... do you wana go and take a look?"
ME:" NO!!, but how is he now?"
Nurse: "stable, after they have done CPR"...
ME:" GOD help him and his family, hopefully he becomes ok"
then I left , because I had a conference.

Came back later to ER and asked one of my friends about him,
she said:" poor him, his heart beats, he breathes but he is unconscious"

then again at 2:50
the operator started calling "code 99 ER, code 99 ER"
it was the same boy, this time I said to myself " you should go in there ,see what goes on and learn what to do in situations like these"
so I went inside, it was so crowded...nurses preparing injections, paramedics already started doing CPR again,
I saw the view... blood all over the bed and the floor, blood coming out from the lungs of the boy through his mouth and nose.
I frozen in my place started thinking " are they going to be able to save him, will he be able to live normal life if he survived"

doctors started shifting in doing the CPR until the consultant gave the order of stopping the CPR after they had been doing it from 3:00 to 3:20
and told them to pronounce him dead

that time i felt a strong thing is over my chest, I couldn't breath, I was staring at the boy with tears in my eyes, I left the ER depressed
my mom called me wondering why was I late and she noticed something wrong from my voice, I told her nothing is wrong
and on my way back home I couldn't stop thinking about what I saw " he is dead, he is still 11, young, so young, God chose him today"

reached home, through myself on bed..kept on thinking and crying until I slept for few minuets then my mom came and asked me, I told her of what happened
she told me " you have to get used to it, this is your job, you have to be strong"
So, I left bed, changed my clothes, but couldn't change my depressed mood...
took a deep breath and said to myself " this is the real ER show!!"


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90270 tn?1199338069
by Sunny602, Apr 05, 2008
I feel your was always hard on me to see something as traumatic as this. Especially if it was a kid. I worked in the ICU and saw my share of Code blues. I could feel the ribs crack as I did the compressions. Many of the same things crossed my mind as it did yours...will this person make it, will there be any after effects, what will be the quality of life if he or she were to make it. There were times when we coded a person many times, defibrillating them...injecting life saving meds, CPR, bagging, doctors placing line after line because their own bodies clamped down so hard that it was impossible to gain access any other way. It was chaos.
What really got me as well were the loved ones and how they reacted to all of this. If the patient died, the scene would become heartwrenching in moments. My heart ached for their loss.
As a nurse, it was always hard to lose someone...especially kids. I don't think we ever get desensitized to the trauma of a code entirely. You would have to have a heart of steel to not feel anything after something like that.
It's okay to cry...I shed many tears as a nurse and so will you.
Sending hugs, Sunny

348314 tn?1358018113
by biz_mom, Apr 06, 2008
From Allah(swt)he came, From Allah(swt)he returned....Nursing is a good  career, my mother was a RN for over 30ys. Stay strong, you will get through.  

1024278 tn?1251878954
by Cserene, Sep 02, 2009
It's not easy to work as a nurse or a doctor. Should get through how to face death.
Also it's difficult to not become benumbed after facing too many deaths.

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