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Apr 20, 2009 - 8 comments

So after sitting in the doctor I no longer have finger nails.  The doctor came in and told me that I have a B6 B12 and Folic Acid deficiency.  He said that it causes Venous thrombosis.  The veins of the baby constrict therefore no blood or hardly any blood goes through the baby and the baby can't get the proper nutrients or something like that.  Then I look it up somewhere else and it's the formation of blood clots. So, I dont' know.  Anyway because I can't take large amounts of folic acid b/c my mouth breaks out with ulcers and everything else.  I have to now take prescription lower dose more times a day.  So I take it 3 or 4 times a day just in smaller doses.  The B6 and B12 I know I have to take multiple times but I'm not sure.  It's an easy fix!  As for the production of milk.  It's just b/c I've been pregnant before and the milk never dried.  They were worried about a tumor but my pro-lactin levels came back normal.  All I can say is THANK YOU GOD!!!!!  It could have been a lot worse.....but instead a quick and easy fix!

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by leighanne143, Apr 20, 2009
thats great that they figured it out.  now he also does not want you on a low dose aspirin or something to thin the blood and make oxygen travel easier through?  thats what my RE did for me.

but anyways congrats on finding out and i hope your future journey is great.  you will have a happy and healthy 9 months soon.

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by mikaleen, Apr 20, 2009
It's great to know what's going on and how to fix it so you can set a plan in motion.  It's sad that women have to go through multiple losses before testing is many times just a blood test can find simple issues to fix, that could have been taken care of much sooner, and before more suffering.  I wish you lots of luck and hope this helps you!

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by Lance06, Apr 20, 2009
I am so glad that you found out whats going on with you!!!! I hope that it happens for you soon now that you know whats going on!! Keep us updated........i wouldnt have any finger nails left either!! :0)

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by Kaylee_Frye, Apr 20, 2009
I am SO GLAD to see this post and to know that you finally got some answers.  You must be so relieved.  Are you guys going to be trying then soon, or relaxing and taking it easy for a bit?

Great news..

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by chantal21, Apr 20, 2009
That is wonderful to hear that you have some answers now! PLease keep us all posted!

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by shasy03, Apr 21, 2009
leighanne143- He still wants me on low dose aspirin.  He told me that he still wants me to take that no matter what.  As soon as I get preggers again  I also immediatly have to start progesterone again.  I told my mom last night I need a pill organizer.  But it's totally worth it!

Everyone, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.  It's been a rough road and it can only get better from here.  The doc wants me to wait till June/July to start trying again but he said that it is a lot safer after my first cycle than right off the bat.  So we're trying not to but if it happens it happens.  I'm just glad I got some much better than a pituitary tumor.  

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by wantbaby14, Apr 21, 2009
Hi shasy,
I'm so happy for you... It is so great to finally understand what was happening. The hardest part for me while TTC was not knowing why it was taking so long for me to get pregnant and why when I finally pregnant was  I miscarried. I made all the possible tests and everything was fine with dh and me, the diagnosis from the doctors was just unexplained couple's infertility (yeah, great!!). Now I'm pregnant (and extremely happy) but we still cannot explain why it took us 2 1/2 years, but anyway this is just to say how comforting it must be to understand why from a medical perspective.
It's also great that what you have is something easy to fix!! I'm sure you'll be pregnant very soon :-D

Take care

745101 tn?1293038814
by Kaylee_Frye, Apr 30, 2009
Good deal -- sounds like a plan.  At least you know that you fall pregnant pretty easily.  A lot of people don't, so I expect to see you back in the preggers forums in not too long.  All the best, chickie :)

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