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The Death of our Dreams

Apr 20, 2009 - 1 comments

Some of us may have had dreams and hopes crushed.  Some of us may be facing the failure of something extremely important.  I know there’s a lot of pain at the prospect of losing love or losing the dreams we had.  There’s nothing we can say to make that less painful or to lessen our grief.  It hurts deeply to have our dreams destroyed by alcoholism, drug dependence, or any other problem.  The disease is deadly.  It kills everything in sight, including our noblest dreams.  Chemical dependency destroys slowly, but thoroughly.  How true.  How sadly true.  And nothing dies slower or more painfully than a dream.

One example of continued use of drugs and alcohol was written by one of my patients who, after 40 years of drinking decided to give up.  His last journal entry read:  "I’ve spent enough time in repressed pain, anger, frustration and disappointment that I have lost all hope that I can do anything to help myself.  I’ve been cheated of what life has to offer, powerless to change, and I’ve stopped preparing for joy and only work to protect myself from misery."  

If you are addicted to any substance and refuse to get help, this could very well be your story.  Get help now so you can live that life you have been so blessed with.  Instead of "using chemicals", start "using life".

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