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needing an MRI scan,endoscopy and colonoscopy

Apr 21, 2009 - 1 comments












I went hospital yesterday to see the GI doctor,he did a rectal exam which looked 'fine',may i add this felt very strange especialy when he pumped air into my rectum...not nice..and he also prodded my stomache...which bluidy hurt lol.they also took more blood which is something i wasn't aware of them doing so i cried as i'm a big baby when it comes to needles

So i had my blood taken which i believe is for what i've had done before eg; celiac,iron,bone,blood count etc etc

i also have an appointment to have a endoscopy and a colonoscopy on the 12th of may. i also have to have a MRI scan but haven't got the date back for that yet.

my stool test for inflammatories came back today which the outcome was my family doctor is ringing the doctor i saw at the hospital with the results.

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by patrick31ca, May 20, 2009
Don't stress too much, wait for all the results and believe me its not a death sentence just another obstacle in life's journey. you will be ok. PP

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