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Do I have Hypoglycemia?

Apr 21, 2009 - 3 comments







gall bladder

I have been dealing with this for almost 20 years. It started out just a few times a year, then once a month, then once a week, then every day, & now sometimes, more than once a day. I have been to all sorts of doctors, & nothing has for sure been figured out yet. I have had all kinds of tests. (gall bladder, pancreas, liver, blood sugar, ulcer, etc.) I will feel  fine one minute, then feel like I have the flu the next minute. I get hot/cold, shaky, sometimes light-headed, weak, tired, then nausea, then vomiting & sometimes diarrhea. I eat a snack to try to prevent it, but sometimes it still happens. I go through all this until I vomit. Then, I force a meal down, & after I eat a "meal", it goes away within about 20 to 30 minutes. I have almost passed out. It gets worse the older I get. I have been checked for low blood sugar, but it is never below, except one time it was borderline. It normally is worse between breakfast & lunch. The Dr. put me on prevacid, & this helps me not vomit as much. Does anyone have any other suggestions or think this is hypoglycemia?
The Dr. found polyps on my gall bladder now, & may remove it, but he doesn't know if this will take care of me getting sick, because I normally don't get sick after eating like most people. I feel better. Could it still be hypoglycemia too? I don't get much pain either with the gall bladder polyps. It is just weird. & remember, this has been going on almost 20 years, & now the polyps just showed up. Please help me. I can't take this anymore.

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by Traci0928, Jul 31, 2009
Has someone gotten back with you over this? Are you still feeling this way?

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by friends4sh, Jul 31, 2009
I had the gall bladder surgery June 3, & haven't gotten sick so far. I had the hot feeling once, but nothing after that. The Dr.'s said they didn't know if it would make the sick part go away, since it is opposite of everybody else, but so far, so good.
Thanks for replying.
Do you have hypoglycemia? (low blood sugar) Did you think that was possible? (in case I get sick again)

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by Naturenutt, Apr 14, 2017
I feel fine and then sudden on set neausea. I get so close to throwing up. It goes away and then I have a strong urge to hit the bathroom. Diarrhea one time. Then I get really tired.   Seems to happen on average the same time of mid morning. This has happened several times in the last three weeks. I'm a school teacher and this can't be happening to me.

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