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It's Time For Me

Apr 22, 2009 - 3 comments

Today I have come to the realization, again, that I need to take back a piece of my life for myself. What good am I to my family if I'm dead or laid up for weeks because I pushed my body beyond it's limits? I'm not new to this. I know fibromyalgia, have had more than 10 yrs., the other issues that cause equal and greater pain have been around not so long but I know how they work too. Take care of yourself. Be kind. Not an excuse to be lazy and slack off all day every day but I need to keep in mind my limitations and part of that is realizing that mom needs not just slow work days but a no work go play or do nothing day. I need to feel like the me who was more than Caitlin's mom, grocery shopper, house cleaner, illness victim, wife/sex slave. I want FREEDOM!!! And I shall reclaim it :)

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by stealthegray2009, Apr 22, 2009
try immune26 for fibro

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by harleon, Apr 22, 2009
Know how you feel ! with 5 kids from 21- 4 years and dealing with major health issues in a body that was once athletic and resillient the frustration and loss is madning huh ?..keep on fighting ..keep on moving!
We live in the hope of freedom !.... reclamation for all us females hey ??!!

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by Henricogirl, Apr 22, 2009
Good for you! We all need time like that sounds like you need it NOW! I declare tomorrow a no work day for you. NO BACK TALK. Go make plans . Have fun for us who will be stuck it school :P

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