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lower abdominal pain on right side while pregnant

Nov 12, 2007 - 21 comments


I am now 21 weeks into my pregnancy and have had lower pain in my right side for a few months.  Its usually  when I move is when i feel it.  Like when I lean over or am sitting down and go to stand up and sometimes its so painful i feel it when i walk in right leg. it doesnt feel like regular cramps or anything.   some people have said that it could just be my ligaments but Why would it be just in that one spot.  And when it comes to having sex, I am always afraid to because sometimes it hurts if my husband goes in to deep. some people have told me that that could be just my cervix being brused from a previous time. my doctor has told me that i have a small birth canal and cervix. but its really hard for me to ask my doctor about these things because hes always in a hurry to leave and i never get the time to ask him.  This week i find out what the baby is, so he has to stay in the office longer so i will ask him then but if you have any idea of what it could be could you let me know so that I can mention it to him.  

also 2nd thing is I have 4 imediate family members who are diabetic. I havent been tested for it yet but i was wondering if i should have been.  

3rd thing- It says in some books ive been reading that you should have frequent urination at the beginning of pregnancy and at the  end. well im in the middle and I have to go about every hour or so and if i dont go in at least 2 to 3 hours my bladder begins to hurt severely. the other night i woke up to go and i couldnt stand up, I had to lean over and walk to the bathroom because it was hurting so bad and I usually have to go at least twice a night. I tried backing off of drinking alot of beverages but im so thirsty all the time. is there something i could do different or is this normal????

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by goatgirl, Nov 12, 2007
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by cjwolfjen, Jul 10, 2008
I don't think I am pregnant but I've had the SAME feeling. At first I thought I was just ovulating, I usually feel it only in my right ovary... but then the strange ovary feeling didnt really go away. I felt like a pressure/slight pain thing especially when I sat on the toilet or when I would step with my right leg. This lasted for about a few days but I didn't say anything because it wasn't too painful, just weird.  

Then when I had sex with my husband it hurt on the right side deep inside, like my cervix? It was strange because I never experience pain with sex. Again this pain seemed to be in the same area as my ovary type discomfort.  Also, this feeling didn't hurt extremely, I was able to finish having sex and then later told my husband it hurt on my right side. He was confused. I am confused.  

I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, I have irregular cycles and NEVER know when and if I'm actually ovulating... I just took a pregnancy test on July 1st and it was negative. My last period was June 13th it was normal in length and heavy-ness. I have had very sore breasts for about 10 days now and my period isn't due until sometime between July 13-25 (again I am irregular so I never know exactly when I will have it)

What do you think? Am I pregnant? If I am why didn't the test say so. I am so lost. I have never experienced these kinds of symptoms/feelings before...  I WANT to be pregnant SO much and I am afraid my subconcious is making me think these things are pregnancy related.

If they aren't because I'm pregnant then what the heck is going on with me??

I know the odds of being pregnant and having normal periods and a negative test are really low. But lately I am wondering if that is the case... or if I'm just desperately seeking a way to be pregnant.


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by 2AngelBabies, Jul 16, 2008
My husband and I tried for 4 years to get pregnant.  I have very irregular cycles as well.  I also had frequent pain in my "ovary areas."  I was eventually diagnosed with PCOS.  When I ovulated, my ovaries hung onto the eggs and in turn, the eggs became the cysts.  I was in a lot of pain, and could tell which side I had ovulated on once my cycle started because the cyst would already be forming and the cramps made it worse.  I also had other symptoms, like the tender breasts along with the irregular periods.  I was checked for everything under the sun as well, from Endometriosis to cervical cancer.  The doctors tried putting me on birth control to help, but I insisted I be put on something else that will work the same, only allow me to get pregnant.  It took 6 months and 2 different doctors to eventually get me on a fertility drug.  It was called Clomid.

Have you ever been checked for cysts on your ovaries?  In some women, those cysts come and go and don't hurt at all.  In others, just a little cyst can be incredibly painful.  

I've been in your shoes, and understand the frustration of not being able to get pregnant, as well as not even knowing when ovulation actually occured!  (*my cycles ranged anywhere from 30-45 days)  I know that stress messed with my cycles, as well as the anticipation and hope that I was pregnant.  Sometimes I thought for sure the pregnancy test was just faint...or wrong.  Also, I was told that since you aren't really ovulating when your ovaries are "hanging onto" your eggs, it causes symptoms of pregnancy.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  After 6 more agonizing months of pregnancy tests, and wishing and hoping the fertility drugs worked, we FINALLY got pregnant!  

Talk with your doctor about the problems you are having.  They should be able to help.  (*I didn't have to go to a fertility specialist.  My OB/GYN was able to rule out other potential reasons for not being able to get pregnant, and also prescribed the Clomid.*)  Make sure that you stand your ground with them about wanting a medication that will not impede your ability to get pregnant.  I found a few doctors that thought "The Pill" was a magic drug that would fix everything, even if it was just for 6 months.  There are other options out there, and if your doctor won't consider them, find another doctor!  Good Luck!!!

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by georga182, Sep 01, 2008
I am 15 weeks pregnant and woke up in the middle of the night with pains on the right side of my ovaries it felt like when I was stretching I actually pulled something do you think I should take a trip to the doctors

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by newnewmommy, Mar 26, 2009
I am 15 weeks pregnant and woke up in the middle of the night with pains on the right side of my ovaries it felt like when I was stretching I actually pulled something do you think I should take a trip to the doctors
Its usually  when I move is when i feel it.  Like when I lean over or am sitting down and go to stand up and sometimes its so painful i feel it when i walk in right leg.
also my pee problem  if i dont go in at least 2 to 3 hours my bladder begins to hurt severely. the other night i woke up to go and i couldnt stand up, I had to lean over and walk to the bathroom because it was hurting so bad and I usually have to go at least twice a night.

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by anenit, May 29, 2009
i had the same thing happen to me when i went to the doctor i had a uti the baby takes so much water u have to be drinkin lots  and lots of it my pain was so bad

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by shanleigh, Jul 12, 2009
i have had a etopic pregnece and have missed my periode once again its been 6month since my etopic and i am affaird i am pregenent angain but i am having stabbin pain in left and right and sometime up high by my ribs is this normal or should i see a doctor??? anyone els have you had the same

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by alejandra94, Oct 01, 2009
im 6 weeks pregnant and my side hurts where mi leg stars i have a little ball shud i go check to the doctor

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by daisym1991, Dec 29, 2009
i am 30 weeks preg and i started to feel this pain in my lower right side and i didnt know wut it was and its usually when im laying down and move over or get up or something like that it starts to hurt....(this started just a couple weeks ago)....and this pain usually goes away tho after im up and moving around...i went to my doctor 2 days ago and i told my nurse about it and she said it was my skin strecthing but im not sure so im going to ask week

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by Risha16, Jan 13, 2010
I am 5weeks pregnant and I was walking alot and what ever so one time I gt up to walk and it was hurting on my lower rght side of my stomach when I walked on it why is that please me or message me please

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by sllvnpttrc, Feb 10, 2010
i am 21 weeks pregnant and have the same thing along with sharp pains that shoot threw my abdomin. it comes and goes but more frequent in the past 2 weeks. im worried its my apendix

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by srisam, Feb 25, 2010
i am 25years old &6 weeks pregnant. iam having a problem can any one suggest me. from 3 days onwords i am suffering burns in stomach and yesterday when i pass urine i have seen bleeding little bit....i am worring about that ......i want my baby.....i must face any problem

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by scaredmommy230, Mar 19, 2010
I am 8 weeks pregnant, and get a stabbing pain on my left hand side by my ovary, and feel very heavy in that area?  Is this normal?

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by worriedmother2010, Jul 08, 2010
Im 30 weeks pregnant and worried to death, me and my boyfriend had anal sex a couple days ago and my right side started hurting it dont hurt constantly just every now and again when I lay a certain way or stretch a certain way im really worried about my baby . I havent had any bleedings and she moves around constantly someone plz give me advice??...Should I be worried

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by lollahmoon, Dec 11, 2010
I'm 28 weeks pregnant, and I've been having a problem for the last couple of days.  If I eat any pickled food and/or vinegar I get a sharp pain on my right side that lasts for 15 minutes.  Is this serious?

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by trina52, Feb 21, 2011
well ladies i read all ur stories and these things can be very scarey,im 8 weeks right now,i have sharp pain n my pelvic area for over 3 yrs,right now today it is worse,i went to doc for ultra sounds for this but still yet hasnt got a doc to tell me what it is that was n the ultra sound,but i think they just over looked that because same day i found out i was pregnant,i was 5 weeks,but its been 3 dayz now,i hurt badley when i sneeze,cough or move n a way that just isnt right,im goin to a doc tomorrow,cuz right now its know that i have endometriosis

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by imat377, Nov 11, 2011
i am a woman of 22 years and pregnant with lower right abdomen pain and painful sex. what should i do?  

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by whit01, Nov 10, 2014
My partner is 6 weeks 2 days pregnant....I am so excited and so scared  both at same time she as well has a long history of cysts and 1 tumor that they had to remove her right ovary bc of it last year... we found out we were pregnant right away bc we mapped and charted everything.. at the very beginning she was having bad lower belly and shooting abdominal cramps... I told her not to get too excited because was not sure it worked this time so after a few days of her having really bad cramps I told her to take a pregnancy test to rule that out well no and behold it came back positive so we went to the doctor to confirm it had a couple of scares because it was so early they didn't see anything so they were scared it was ectopic but by that time the pain kinda went away but the point to my whole story is that you are going to experience pain some Uncomfortability you have to remember there is something growing in your belly but the doctor said as long as its not too bad and you don't see a lot of bleeding then it should be normal but everyone is different I just thought I would share our experience so far to see if that helps ease anyone's mind.. oh and to make our matters worse they found a unusual growth on her last remaining ovary that they're not sure what it is we go in four days to hopefully hear the baby's heartbeat and maybe find out what that is

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by Nosh222, Aug 19, 2015
Hi i am 20 weeks pregnant. I have bad morning sickness every morning,  today after vomiting i am having pain in my left ovary side. Is it because the stretching and squeezing? Help please as i am worried.  Thank u.

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by Sency, Jul 02, 2016
Don't worry its normal for every woman and went you give birth finished that side pain gone away and never come back again it happens only went you are pregnant.

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by Sency, Jul 02, 2016
Always balance the way you sleep on your right and left it takes the pain away too because I have tried it. It works. I too have serious pain in my both sides and my husband give me this advice and I try it. It works for me just give a try my friends because of our weight too the stomach is heavy.

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